Cali Comes to Dallas: Flower Child

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If you haven’t already heard, a new walk-in, order-at-the-counter restaurant just opened in Inwood Village. It goes by the name of Flower Child and serves everything from avocado toast to bowls with quinoa, sweet potatoes and an assortment of veggies. If you’re a fan of True Food but wish it was quicker and more convenient, you’ve met your match.

good juju

Three kinds of lemonade: Rose Petal, Pineapple Mango and Strawberry. I had strawberry and LOVED IT. Curry had the rose petal and said it just tasted like regular lemonade, oh well. They also have three different teas: Black Passion Fruit, Green Mango Sencha and Red Mango Acai

Chopping veggies and fruit right in front of you. V healthy, v trendy, and health nuts everywhere are singing their praises

Welcome to the world of bright colors, gluten-free pastries and fun lemonades. Flower Child is a chain restaurant that serves healthy foods that will for sure leave you feeling full, but not disgusting. They have stores in Del Mar, Santa Monica, Austin and Scottsdale, so if you’re missing the beachy-Cali vibe, this place is for you.

From the moment it opened in the strip off of Lovers Lane, people have been snapchatting it’s aesthetically pleasing decor and grub. There is also a line headed out the door almost every day. You could say it’s popular. I set out to try this place with my partner in crime, Curry, and it exceeded both of our expectations.

SIDENOTE* I edited all my photos with Foodie, which I guess is suppose to be for food pics, but why not break the rules?

We walked up and both gave an exasperated sigh when we saw the line out the door (we we’re both hangry). But, it gave us time to scour the menu and really decide what to get. We (obnoxiously) ended up getting the same thing: the Crushed Avocado Toast with the Soap of the Day (Chicken Tortilla with Blue Corn) and a lemonade. I also got a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie (dark chocolate with a hint of coconut- absurd and amazing).

Here’s the avocado toast. It had bits of white cheddar, black pepper and hard-boiled egg on a slice of multigrain bread. Safe to say it’s probably my favorite version of avo toast I’ve ever had. @girls_who_eat approved.

My tortilla soap was also very good, it just didn’t look too pretty. It wasn’t creamy like other tortillas soaps I’ve had. It was chunkier with bits of corn, cheese, tortilla chips, etc. I’m no pro with describing tastes so it sounds bad, but trust me, it tastes delicious.

The place just had great vibe to it. Like if you were in any sort of poor mood, this setting would just lift your spirits with the clean atmosphere and energy. I’m a big fan of the “radiate from within” mural on the back wall (horribly cliché saying, but beautiful presentation).

Don’t tell me that’s not soooooo relaxing to look at

I also really like how they have an easy to-go section where you can call-in and pick up your food. Also, for you folks that are 21, they have a bunch of alcoholic beverages, like a selection of “organic wines” and beers on tap. Oh, and let’s not forget the classic pressed juices and variety of kombucha, because it wouldn’t be a vegan’s paradise without one or the other.

Next time I visit, because there will be a next time, I want to try the Mother Earth bowl, the Avocado Hummus and one of the teas. Go treat yourself to a lemonade. Cheers!



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