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Buda Juice just opened a new spot in Mockingbird Station and they’re ready for the SMU biz! I stopped by last week to check out the space and sip on some of their always organic, super fresh juices to see for myself what all the brouhaha is about.

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The space is small and minimal, but gets the job done and keeps the focus on the juices.

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Free samples all day every day! They let you try before you buy.

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The menu gives a brief description of the ingredients; cleanses do not include the entire menu, but the staff is happy to accommodate and switch out some juices if you prefer.

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#1 – the most typical juice offered at Buda. I found the Green Juice to be a traditional (can I use that word with juices yet?), classic mix of greens and fruits, without being too harsh to enjoy. The large serving size is totally manageable because the taste is not too rich. The sweet notes from the apple and cucumber keep the spinach and kale in line.

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#2 – the Red Juice has major Indian vibes. Sweet and gingery, the flavors reminded me of curry in the best way; this juice would be a great way to start the day without drowning in sugar.

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#3 – The Orange Juice is the sweetest of the group, and inherently has the most natural sugars. If you’re just starting out in the juicing world, this is a great, comforting place to begin.

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#4 – The Blue Lemonade will never actually be blue. Depending on the season, and the availability of red apples or green, it will have a green or brownish hue. But the taste is sweet as blueberries. It’s Buda’s most popular juice, and it’s easy to see why when you taste the sweet, refreshing mix of cucumber and apple. The lemon cuts the sweetness, and you end up with a perfectly satisfying blend.

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#5 -The Pure Green is a perfect intro greenie juice for the uninitiated. Same base as the #1 with some mint and lime to hide the greens.

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The Almond Milk is one of my favorites – it’s smooth as silk and not overly sweet. Buda recommends that you pair it with oatmeal and cereal, or even with #3 to create a popsicle, or just to add another dimension to #2.

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Here’s one of Buda’s shining nuggets; the Tomato Basilato Soup. The gazpacho-based soup is a key component of the cleanses, as it is intended to offer some substance as opposed to a purely liquid routine. It’s refreshing and terribly summery. This one’s also a very versatile fellow; add garlic and onion to make a true gazpacho, or heat it up to use as pizza and pasta sauce. The soup is blended instead of cold pressed to keep all the yummy flavors and vitamins intact.

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They’ve got their minds on the environment over at Buda. Every glass bottle returned to the store earns you a dollar toward your next juice. Keep Mama Nature in mind people!

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I grabbed a milk and soup for myself on my way out. When I finally have a kitchen again (thanks, dorms), I’m sure I’ll be making a weekly stop in to up my health nut game.

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Look out for the new Buda spot in Snider opening soon! Jump on the juicing bandwagon with me, I’ll let you ride shotty.

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Keep Devouring Dolls,


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