Brunchin’ the SMU Way

March 14, 2021 by

Picture this: it’s Noon on a Saturday and you see girls in flowy dresses and boys in polos. What is this seemingly every weekend event? BRUNCH!

It’s no secret that SMU loves brunch, and I just so happen to consider myself a brunch connoisseur. From hosting birthday parties to celebrating big events to even a simple catch-up with friends, brunch is definitely a must-do. Read on to discover the top three best brunch spots in Dallas!

1. Sixty Vines

Topping the list as my personal favorite, the menu, like the decor, is styled Californian and causes me to reminisce home. Their shared plates are absolutely mouth-watering: smoked salmon boards, orange-glazed doughnuts, and breakfast pizzas. I can assure you that all members of your party will find something yummy.

2. Ziziki’s

Everyone goes to brunch here, and by everyone I mean EVERYONE! If you go here on a Saturday, you are bound to run into SMU brunch enthusiasts. For a fixed rate of an all-you-can-eat-and-drink Greek cuisine, you cannot go wrong. I highly recommend this place for a memorable and fun time with family and friends alike.

3. The Rustic

I am sure you’ve been here during the evening, but have you ever been for brunch?! You must try their Jam & Toast brunch, served family-style every Saturday and Sunday. The options are endless, from spicy fried chicken to french toast, salad, and mini donuts! You cannot go wrong.

Brunch at SMU is a necessity, and I hope to see y’all at one of these spots. Let me know of additional must-try places!!

With love, Katie

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