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Saturday’s boulevard forecast has revealed a solid 90 degrees. But fear not – Nilou Sheybani, SMU junior well-versed in the art of makeup, has us covered. Literally.

A California native, Nilou is anything but accustomed to Texas’ sweltering summers. She has, however, managed to ace the boulevard makeup game with flying colors. As my mascara melts down my cheeks, Nilou’s lashes remain perfectly intact. As my bronzer dulls, her’s glows. You get the picture.

Nilou was kind enough to reveal her simple, but effective, regime to those clueless about everything makeup related – myself included. Nilou swears by this routine and assures us that getting a decent Flash photo is totally doable.


“I like to start with my eyes. Using primer is super important all over your eyelids to make sure your makeup stays in place – especially because of the heat! For daytime, I usually do a less aggressive smokey eye. I use Flower Child for my lid, Sweetheart in the crease and Rebel for my outer corners. It depends on my mood, but I’ll usually apply a thin dark brown liquid liner on my lids.”

Palette | Primer


“Next, I prime my face and let it sit while I do my brows. I apply a dark Mac eyeshadow on my brows using a fine brush. To make sure my brows stay in place throughout the day, I lightly apply a brown gel on top of the eyeshadow.”

Brow Gel | Eyeshadow | Primer


“Now that my face is primed, I apply my foundation. I lightly damp my brush to make sure the foundation will be smooth and even on my face. I put foundation on my cheeks, chin, forehead, top of nose and neck. The neck is super important when it comes to getting an even skin tone. Blending is everything!”

Beauty Blender | Foundation


“After my foundation, I like to put concealer underneath my eyes, on my chin and on my forehead. I blend again with a smaller brush and then set everything with setting powder. Setting powder helps keep everything in place and gets rid of any shine. Next, I go in with my waterproof bronzer (not pictured) and focus on accentuating my cheekbones, jawline, forehead and nose. Sometimes, after I bronze, I apply setting powder under my cheekbones to make the contour stand out more.”

Concealer | Setting Powder | Bronzer


“Now I do what I like to call the Big C – using highlighter, I make a C formation using a fan-like brush starting above my eyebrow all the way to the top of the cheekbone. Then, I lightly highlight my nose, cupid’s bow and corner of my eyes. When it comes to blush, I prefer creme because it gives a dewey look.”

Blush | Highlighter


Mascara | Facial Spray | Perfume | Lipstick

“To finish, I apply my mascara – it stays in place all day and doesn’t clump up my lashes. Then, I spray my favorite facial/setting spray. It smells amazing and makes me feel hydrated and clean. When I use it, I can easily take my makeup from day to night.”


Voila! Six easy steps and you’re boulevard ready. And yes, Nilou’s eyelashes are real.



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