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Annndddd it’s that time of the year again….New York Fashion Week! We all patiently await to see what the well-known, classic brands like Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera, and Tom Ford grace the runway with for the upcoming season but ladies, please take a moment to welcome BLDWN to NYFW!

If you’re unfamiliar with BLDWN and curious as to what it’s all about, today is your lucky day because I have answers! Once upon a time, the brand was known as Baldwin, had a cozy home in Kansas City and revolved solely around denim. UNTIL, it underwent a big, major breakthrough! It found a new home in Los Angeles, developed way beyond jeans, and recently transformed from Baldwin to BLDWN. It is now an American ready-to-wear brand for men and women that just seriously rocked its NYFW debut.

Give BLDWN a round of applause because BLDWN’s first-ever runway show at NYFW really did hit it out of the park!!! From trench coats to cropped, flared jeans, every piece on the runway was sleek yet contemporary and well represented the American lifestyle. The American lifestyle was displayed through the casual, practical silhouettes but also through the classic red, white and blue color scheme. Let’s be honest, the whole red, white and blue theme can be extremely tacky, but props to BLDWN for tastefully throwing pops of red into the primarily neutral colored collection. The brand truly accomplished its goal of flourishing past jeans while still remaining loyal to its heart.

Here are some looks that do a fantastic job at illustrating what BLDWN is all about…

Keep on scrolling because up next is my most favorite look from the show. The patent leather pants really know how to jazz up a classic, all-black outfit. I’m obsessed with these pants and desperately need them in my closet ASAP.

So, I have a confession: As a Kansas City native, I’m a little biased, but I absolutely love this brand and could not be any happier that it made an amazing appearance at fashion week. As much as I wish it was me, it really warms my heart knowing that a little piece of KC got to enjoy NYFW. I’m proud to say that I’ve been with the brand since the beginning, but it’s NEVER too late to jump on the BLDWN bandwagon!!!

I have a very minor, fun request that I’m expecting all of you to fulfill. Baldwin opened a store on Knox last fall so get up, RUN and go check it out if you haven’t already!



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