Bests from the Boulevard: #RIPBLVDSZN

November 6, 2017 by

Say cheers! We’ve come full circle. Last Saturday marked the last (for most of us) Boulevard of the year šŸ™

While some tears were shed, the fashion did not disappoint. I was a little upset it couldn’t have been a cold Boulevard with the plethora of Stewart Weitzman boots and fur coats, but the 90-degree weather was nice after a week of parkas and grey skies. I mean, truly, there was no better way to celebrate Homecoming weekend.

What’s more difficult than walking through Sephora and not buying a thing, dressing for the absurdly warm weather in November. Honestly, when I woke up yesterday, nothing stressed me out more than attempting to create an outfit that wouldn’t make me sweat but also didn’t look like I was going to summer shindig.

I definitely ended up dressing in two different seasons, but these girls knew what was up and got it right! See what they put together and their favorite mems from this years #blvdszn


Outfit: Reformation two-piece, black booties

Best Boulevard mem: The Fiji throwback songs at the tent


Outfit: Lf faux leather pants, Pi Phi Hoco shirt, LeasefulĀ cup

Best Boulevard mem: Brunching “for sure”


Outfit: Everything But Water dress

Best Boulevard Mem: Dancing so much in the Pike tent that the floor was moving


Outfit:Ā Love Shack Fancy two-piece

Best Boulevard Mem:Ā Dancing with friends under the big tent & the night Boulevard


Outfit: Gucci pink purse, Faithful the Brand jumpsuit

Best Boulevard mem: Being on aux at the Fiji tent (ygg)

Thanks for staying tuned for the Best from the Boulevard season finale!!!!! Can’t wait to pick up where we left off next year <3



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