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Whether I’m going on a three-day trip or three-week vacation I will always pack my suitcases to the brim!

Let’s face it, it’s soo much harder to under pack than overpack. Overthinking and justifying every item is the worst combo for packing lightly. Everything sounds like a good idea until your suitcase is being weighed and you begin to question if bringing five pairs of shoes was really necessary?! So if you’re tired of paying overweight baggage fees or have the tendency to under pack I have a few tips that might help. Instead of packing with the fear of forgetting things, focus on packing with purpose & intention. It’s pretty common to overpack when you feel like you’re unorganized and forgetful.


— Hair —

Hair products take most of the room in my toiletry bag so I’ve learned to buy products that can be used for multiple purposes. Dry shampoo is my best friend when I travel! But it’s good to make some space for detangling spray or hair oil just in case you need a fresh start. The Mini Straightening Brush from Sephora is perfect for when you want to do glam but are short on time. And you don’t have to bring an extra hairbrush which is a plus!


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— Skincare —

Neutrogena sells the single versions of their makeup wipes!! These can be a huge game-changer if you usually travel with their full-sized ones. Another tip that might be obvious: Sheet masks. If you want to treat your skin, don’t talk yourself out of it!  I found that packing facemasks, body scrub, and moisturizer don’t have to be bulky. If you’re only traveling for a few days, you could spare a few some space, travel-sized skincare products are the way to go!


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Tip #1: Make a list

Think of your everyday beauty routine & make a list of the products. Don’t look at your vanity or search your restroom beforehand! Packing with intention is easier if you pick out the products you use on an everyday basis instead of searching for things you honestly forgot you even had.

Tip #2: Buy a Travalo

Instead of bringing a full-sized perfume bottle, pick your favorite perfume and take it in a Travalo! It’s an easy way to save some room and a few lbs. If you can’t decide between two scents pack both of them in separate Travalos! They’re so light and compact you won’t have to feel bad for bringing a few.


Tip #3 : Don’t overthink

Overthinking leads to over justifying. Sometimes it’s hard to finish packing without going around and adding more. When I find myself doing this I  come up with excuses for why I MUST bring extra items that I mostly regret bringing or forget I even packed. So don’t stress! If it didn’t come to mind then you probably won’t use it! And even if you forget to bring something it’s not the end of the world. So don’t get in your head and remember that a CVS is most likely around the corner!

Good luck on the scale! And happy travels!

(Featured Image credits to Sarah Bahbah)

xx, Sofia

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