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September 7, 2018 by

Can you believe BLVD SZN officially begins today?!?! I know, I know everyone can’t stop talking about what they’re going to wear, where they’re going to brunch, what tent they’re going to…But what everyone should be talking about is this sweltering weather and how it can wreak havoc on even the most skilled makeup applications.

We’ve all been there. One minute you’re looking in the mirror and your face makeup is looking perfect and the next it’s melted beyond all recognition (I’ve got the Flash photos that prove it!). I finally said no more and challenged myself to find the best sweat-wicking makeup to end all the caking, smudging and dripping. Keep scrolling to find the three best products to end all your face makeup woes.

First and foremost, primer is essential. Primer can really be the key to keeping your face makeup from budging and looking all fresh. This particular primer from Hourglass boasts it leaves your skin’s surface smooth and even so that foundation can effortlessly glide on AND repels water so your makeup stays freshly applied all day long. What’s even better is that it says it’s ideal for all skin types, even sensitive or blemish-prone skin. *Instantly adds to cart*



Second, picking the right foundation is everything. This particular foundation from Charlotte Tilbury is a favorite among many beauty blogs (like Byrdie & Violet Grey!!) for its amazing coverage without the cakey-ness found in most foundations. One editor even said this foundation lasted her through a three-day work stint in Las Vegas where temperatures peaked over 100º every day. It’s so good that it’s literally called Magic Foundation (It doesn’t hurt that it also has SPF 15 in it!)


Last, settings sprays are game-changers. Not only does this refreshing mist from NYX  enhance the wear and longevity of your base makeup, but it also gives you a matte finish that doesn’t make you look dull.



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