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November 15, 2018 by

Ever gotten off a plane and wondered, “How come I look like I’ve been out since the night before?”

Something about sitting in a recycled-air cabin at 40,000 feet for at least over an hour will take a toll on your skin, hair and makeup. If you’re among the luckiest of us, a quick trip to freshen up in the airport bathroom may be enough to get you on your way. Although, for most of us we see the stifling effects of air-traveling for much longer. Well, gals here’s the deal. To make sure you never suffer from this issue again (especially going into the holiday season) here are your essential products to ensure you land hydrated, toned, and glowing!

Toning Spray

Toning spray is just a good idea regardless if you’re traveling or not. Just washed your face? Toning spray. In the car on the way to work? Toning Spray. End of flight while you’re stuck in the middle seat? Toning spray. Must I go on?

Face Wipes

Here’s my advice: if you must wear face makeup to the airport, all good BUT make sure to wipe it off once you get seated on the plane. I have realized that when I sit through a flight with makeup on, I land feeling like I slept in my makeup from the night before (I’m sure we’re all familiar…) Although my one caveat to this rule is unless you’re sitting new to a cute guy- all these tips go out the window. Especially the eye patches, just don’t even try.

Eye Patches

Let’s just assume you don’t happen to be sitting next to the love of your life (oh welllll), these babies are a game changer. Just apply in-flight and bam you instantly got 8 hours of sleep on your 3-hour flight.

Lip Treatment

This one is quite obvious. I’m not sure I know a single person who doesn’t reapply some sort of lip balm, chapstick, lip gloss etc. at least 500 times a day, so gearing up for a flight and not bringing at least one option would be tragic. Although, I guess that’s why they sell at least 15 different overpriced options at the airport kiosks. They know.


Alright, so these scrunchies are so underrated. Who likes sitting on a plane with your hair draped around your shoulders for longer than idkkk 20 minutes? (I obviously have a large issue here) Not to mention the static cling that never fails to ruin every sort of hairstyle. Well, these silk scrunchies are the perfect way to tie up your locks without leaving a dent behind during your flight.

Hair Oil

Usually, I only use hair oil immediately after I have just styled it but this essential works wonders at cruising altitude. It’s truly a life-saver after the pressurized cabin has zapped every ounce of moisture out of your hair.


Safe travels loves!!



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