Be the Queen That You Are: Your Hat Is Your Crown

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Topped Hats is Dallas based hat company which launched in 2020. If you have been reading my articles, then you know I love a hat- and Topped hats has tons to choose from! Their brand is fun, and happy- promoting positivity and showing off your true beauty!

Topped Hats is a local brand that offers pop ups all over. The brand first launched on May 10th and was founded by Linda Uphoff, Dana Vidal and Sophia Vidal. Due to being a relatively new brand, their repeated clientele has been extremely beneficial in further developing their business.

Photo Credit @ToppedHats

Topped Hats offers 14 lines, and an additional 4 of their own Topped Hat brand. Their personal brand is called the Be Golden. The Be Golden is a crushable hat which can be customized to whatever you may like! Who doesn’t love a personalized hat?

In addition to their adorable Be Golden line, I am a fan of the range of Lack of Color hats they carry! I know I love my Lack of Color hat and I have been seeing a range of influencers rocking theirs as well!

Photo Credit @Hannah Bucknam

Topped Hats is different than any other hat brand because they’re purpose is to show how beautiful and powerful you truly are! Additionally their hats range anywhere from $80 to $500, so there is sure to be a hat for everyone!

“You’re hat is your crown so be the Queen that you are!”

Photo Credit @ToppedHats

Don’t forget to check out Topped Hats on instagram @Toppedhats! Hats are the perfect staple for any season and Topped Hats has the cutest of choices! Happy shopping!

XX, Clementine

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