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November 24, 2017 by

For anyone that knows me, it’s common knowledge that I find my sanity through working out. Whether it’s an intense cardio blast to cancel out my weekend of questionable food choices, or a mentally and physically strengthening routine to remedy my stressful school day.

As November comes to close and we enter the holiday season, I have even more motivation to fit in a quick workout to combat the season’s indulgences; so an outfit that is functional all the while inspiring me to get the most out of practice is VERY important. Below are just a few of my athletic wear essentials for those who need quick inspo or just simple advice on the proper attire to accompany your newfound workout obsession in the cooler climate.


Whether SOUL Cycle is your religion or just a once a month when your friend drags you against your will kind of exercise regimen, here’s what I would recommend wearing in order to feel comfortable while you’re sweating every toxin from the weekend out of your body.

On top: opt for some type of tank top for arm mobility during the arm series. I also prefer to wear a crop top or even just a sports bra, as it serves a dual purpose of keeping you semi-cool and as a subtle motivator of why you showed up in the first place. As for bottoms: leggings are a MUST! Nothing ruins an intense sweat-sesh quite like the pain caused by wearing shorts… I usually go for crop leggings that will whisk the sweat away, rather than a cotton legging. Although, as Dallas starts to cool off, the walk from your car to the sleek interior of SOUL Cycle maybe be extremely brisk without a jacket. I would opt for a lightweight bomber to throw on. If you’re like me I usually look like I just jumped into a pool after every cycling class, so less is really more.

L’Urv Bomber // Ultracor Bomber // Lorna Jane Bomber


For those of you who enjoy a strength or meditation focused workout, pilates and yoga may be your go-to. Although these two practices are extremely different, I find myself often outfit repeating because of their similarities in studio vibes, and exertion levels. Neither of these practices are cardio centered; making just about any athletic wear acceptable as long as you feel confident rocking it. My go-to outfits consist of a pop of fun color to energize a sometimes calmer routine and figure-hugging clothing to inspire my intentions. Here’s an example of one of my favorites- a weekly staple, complete with grip socks for added stability.

Onzie Crops // Lorna Jane Sports Bra // Athleta Crops


After testing out many different types of studios here in Dallas, I have realized that most of the time the practice dictates the appropriate outfits. Barre classes call for the most conservative outfits when compared to cycling, pilates, or yoga. My most frequented studio, The Bar Method, even requires a dress code. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still just a workout class, so no need to worry about showing a scandalous shoulder or two. They just advise no crop tops or shorts, anything else pretty much fair game.

Usually, I stick to any longer legging paired with a fitted tank. I forgot to mention, one of the most amazing things about barre is you don’t really sweat. Yes, you read that correctly- a workout where the intention is not to ruin your blowout. For that reason, worrying too much about suitable fabrics is unnecessary. Cotton is great. With that being said, because of the lack of cardio, I like to add slightly warmer accessories to bear the walk back. A huge scarf is the perfect way to feel cozy all the while elevating your outfit to meet some friends for a quick cappuccino afterward.

BKR Water Bottle // Athleta Scarf // Le Specs Sunglasses

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