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The Girl You Want (Need) To Get To Know

September 11, 2014 by

IMG_1605 copy


Jules Pouch and I first met when I hurriedly ran over to say goodbye to my roommate before heading to SMUstyle’s brunch at Vagabond. She was tucked into bed with my roommate and her sister, clearly recapping the festivities of the night before.

Once arriving at brunch that Sunday, the SMUstyle team got down to business discussing who to profile for the coming week. When Jules’ name came up, I immediately jumped at the opportunity to interview her. I’d been hearing this pretty lady’s name quite a bit (all in the best ways, of course) and wanted to get the inside scoop.

IMG_1588 copy

Who She Is: Jules Pouch
Year: Freshman
Hometown: Corona del Mar, Newport Beach, CA


When walking into the newly completed Loyd Residential Commons, Taylor, SMUstyle’s resident photographer, and I immediately agreed that this new wonderland more closely resembled Hogwarts than anything the two of us upperclassmen ever saw our freshman year. Jules greeted us barefoot, with a bright smile and tight ballerina bun.

After a quick change into high-wasited boyfriend jeans and a turtle-tank (is that a thing?), we were on our way.

IMG_1609 copy

SMUstyle: Tell us a little bit about how you got to SMU. Was your sister, Delaney Pouch (SMU Class of 2017) a deciding factor?
Jules Pouch: I’d definitely say it was the unity that SMU had to offer. Also, I loved the idea of being so close to a big city like Dallas. Obviously, having my sister here is a plus and makes SMU feel like a home away from home.


SMUstyle: What do you plan on studying?
JP: Right now, engineering, but anything could change. Originally I wanted to study architecture but SMU doesn’t offer that. Eventually, I hope to do something with interior design.
Beauty and brains!

IMG_1574 copy

SMUstyle: What’s the best thing about going to SMU? Or even going to college in general?
JP: Having the freedom to choose when I go out, even if I don’t!
I feel ya girl….


SMUstyle: I am most looking forward to….
JP: Boulevards!


SMUstyle: I describe my style as…
JP: Under-toned, laid back and sleek. I’m a big fan of neutrals— denim and black are my two favorites.

IMG_1583 copy

SMUstyle: Being from California, have you seen your style evolve since moving out to Texas? Have you given in to cowboy boots yet?
JP: Not at all! And as for cowboy boots, I bought probably 4 pairs before I came. I’ve always been a huge fan of cowboy boots, so that wasn’t anything new for me.


SMUstyle: One trend at SMU you just cannot get onboard with?
JP: Chaco sandals.
No one blames you, honey. At least any of us on the SMUstyle team….


IMG_1579 copy


SMUstyle: Lastly, tell our readers what four pieces you couldn’t live without.
JP: A pair of Chucks, cut off jean shorts, turtle-tanks (SMUstyle: again…. still unsure if this is a thing… we’ll just go with it), and my three rings that I wear every day: an infinity symbol, one reading “I Thank God Every Time I Remember You,” and one reading “I Promise to Keep My Word”


As I am a big fan of making opinions for myself, I deem the rumors to be true: this girl is freakin’ amazing!


Photos by Taylor Lewis

Best of the Boulevard

September 5, 2014 by



Who She Is:

Jane Jestus, sophomore from Chattanooga Tennessee


Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 9.42.04 AM

Why It Works:

What’s a small town Tennessee girl doing with killer Nicole Riche-inspired locks? Rocking it of course! And white jeans after Labor Day? Like my mother always said, rules are meant to be broken (as long as you do it in style).



What She Had to Say:
“I have a hair appointment for tomorrow to add in more purple, but I’m tempted to cancel it and just do it myself!”
That is so cool.

I Love NY

April 29, 2014 by

With all of you SMUstyle-ites off to various trendy cities around the world for internships and adventures alike, we thought we’d help ya’ll out a bit. This week, check the blog and we hope you’ll find your summer destinations’s city guide! Up first: New York City.


Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 7.46.06 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 7.45.01 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 7.45.20 PM


To Attend:
– The Govenor’s Ball: a fantastic thee-day festival affair located on Randall’s Island featuring artists like: Pheonix, Outkast, The Strokes, Grimes, and Vampire Weekend. Get tickets here.
– Hamptons Food & Wine Festival: really though, I could find a million reasons to escape the City for a weekend in the Hamptons….
– Tea Time at the Plaza Hotel: let the inner-Eloise out
– A Game at Yankee Stadium: but please, spare yourself and take the train!
– Bike the Brooklyn Bridge with Citi Bike to the Brooklyn Flea
– A Broadway show (via the Half-Off Ticket Booth)


To Eat and To Shop:
– A Day at 5th: Sarabeth’s, Bendel’s , Bergdorf’s, the Met Museum, Shake Shack: 5th Avenue and 59th Street provide the best of the best world, that world being New York: unbeatable brunch at Sarabeth’s, NYC’s most glamorous department store, Bergdorf Goodman, world-renowned art found at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (which hosted the McQueen exhibit last summer)
– Picnic in the Park: 778 acres of sprawling fields, ponds and trails, Central Park is perhaps the most interesting landmark in New York City and at least a day must be spent exploring it
Magnolia’s Bakery, Serendipity, Momofuku Milk Bar and Laduree: taste first, talk later
– Lucky Chang’s for a Night You Won’t Forget: research first, and don’t blame me for what happens next
– Eataly: best Italian food you will ever have
– Vintage Shopping: Cheap Jack’s for festival-ready band tee and What Goes Around Comes Around for unbelievably reasonably designer finds
Bookmarc: Marc Jacobs’ trendy and heavily curated version of a bookstore
– Liquor Store: J. Crew men’s pop-up shop
– Favorite Restaurants: Gotham, Blue Ribbon (Sushi and Bakery), Buddkkan, La Esquina, TAO, Jack’s Wife Freda, Asiate, Otto


To See and Be Seen:
– A Day at the High Line to a Night at the Standard rooftop: the High Line used to be the New York Central Railroad, and since being renovated into a walking path speckeld with art and installations as well as picnic-perfect lunch stops, the High Line will certainly replace the Katy Trail’s place in your hearts. The Standard, located along the High Line has a wonderful rooftop that would be the perfect ending to any City night.
– Drinking Away the Sunset at SOAKED, rooftop of the Mondrian SOHO: not too different than the Standard. Come with friends. Drink many drinks. Be happy. Love New York.
– Museums: New Museum, Guggenheim, MOMA
– Monuments: Empire State Building, Radio City, United Nations, Ground Zero
– Instagram-Worthy: Flat Iron Building, Empire State Building: which stays open til 2 AM some nights: would be an epic end to a drunken night in the City 😉

Happy Travels!
xx, SK

Dallas’ Best Kept Secret

April 8, 2014 by



When I received a text reading “Found the new Rustic, you’d love it.” I immediately responded, “Take me Thursday!” Unfortunately, we couldn’t make it until Friday, but it was totally worth the wait.


With the rustic feel of well, the Rustic, this new-found gem has the comfort of a converted barn with the charm to keep you to stay. On the property, you’ll find Chicken Scratch, a down-home comfort food establishment serving up a stacked menu of fork-and-knife biscuit sandwiches and “Dallas’ Best Mac ‘n Cheese.” On the other side, you’ll find The Foundry, an 21-up bar with interesting and inventive takes on the classics like summer beers and Moscow mules.


Located across the bridge in Oak Cliff, Chicken Scratch and The Foundry teamed up to create the perfect hangout spot: a sprawling open area full of picnic tables and comfy old couches offering up space to settle down to drink, eat and listen to music performed on their stage made of converted keg platforms. The ambience is absolutely perfect for Saturday afternoons that quickly turn into Saturday nights spent drinking with friends. Load up a carful of friends to make the trip and plan to stay because Chicken Scratch and The Foundry together provide anything you could want.





Chicken Scratch + The Foundry
2303 Pittman St.
Dallas, TX 75208


Photos by Shelly Knutson

Would You Like to Know It?

March 18, 2014 by

Have you ever found yourself, scrolling through your endless Instagram feed full of epic street style outfits, thinking to yourself (or if you’re like me, texting your friends IN ALL CAPS) I need this now! I’m going to go ahead and assume that’s a yes as you are currently perusing through SMUstyle. rewardStyle has finally figured out every Instagram-obsessed fashionista’s dream. rS first got it right with its blog-monetizing software. When you log onto your favorite blogger’s site, say Cupcakes and Cashmere by Emily Schuman, you can scroll down to the bottom of her most recent post and find links to all the drool-worthy items she’s wearing. Today, that’s a link to anything from her classic Ray Ban aviators to her Joie dress and even her Tom Ford ‘Nude Vanille’ lipstick. rewardStyle has made purchasing fashion bloggers’ style not only accessible but one-click easy.




But what about Instagram? Until now, most bloggers would post a cute outtake of their most recent look on Instagram and caption it something along the lines of “New on the blog! Head over to (enter cutesy blog title here) to find outfit credits!” But doesn’t that sometimes take just too long?




What It Looks Like:

Courtney Kerr Gal Meets Glam

Fashionably abbreviated by brands and bloggers alike, is making style steals from your favorite Instagrammers quick and easy.


How to Join:


    1. 1. Bite the rose-gold bullet and sign up for here. It’s free and will become your sartorialist savor so just go ahead get to it!


    1. 2. Like a photo tagged with links like the ones pictured above and immediately you’ll receive an email with links to what your favorite guy or gal is wearing.


    1. 3. Not a fan of email? Log into your at and you can find a growing list of your Instas by clicking Menu and selecting “My Likes Feed” for never-ending style stalking.


Because of LIKEtoKNOW:IT, you’ll never have to ask “where did you get that?” again.


Still a little confused how it all works? No worries, boo. rewardStyle is here to help. Check out this video:

How It Works // LIKEtoKNOW.IT from LIKEtoKNOWit on Vimeo.

Spring Break Forever

March 2, 2014 by

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 9.13.57 PM
I think we can all agree on the fact that just about everyone is counting down the days until spring break. I’m outta here and back to Cali Thursday AM and couldn’t be more ready. Surely I’ll be hitting up the beach and soaking up some sun but what about those of you headed to the snow?  Your friends at SMUstyle certainly have not forgotten you! Whether you’re headed to London to visit family like Jenna or off to Aspen to hit the slopes like Schuyler, we’ve got you covered.

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 9.05.18 PMScreen Shot 2014-03-02 at 9.03.37 PMmen: J. Crew Sweater | Moncler Backpack | Ski Goggles | RL Olympic Pea Coat | Timberlands | Burton Snow Coat | J. Crew Sweats

women: Ray Ban Sunglasses | Ski Pants | EOS Chapstick | Gucci Fur Beanie | Snowboard Travel Bag

How We Wore: PETER PILOTTO for Target

February 20, 2014 by

I know I say this every week… but it really is awesome writing for SMUstyle. What does work consist of? Oh, just hanging out with some friends/ co-workers on a Friday afternoon getting drinks at The Rustic while shooting some fabulous fashion. Life could indeed be worse.





All of us SMUstylers swoon at any announcement of a designer collaboration, especially when it’s at a discount. Enter: PETER PILOTTO for Target. Characterized by bold and eye-catching prints, the PETER PILOTTO collabration is full of unexpected treasures with the precision in print that the world has come to expect from the design duo Peter Pilotto and Christoper de Vos. We headed to The Rustic last friday to show you all how we wear PETER PILOTTO.


IMG_9798 (1)



The “I-Don’t-Wear-Prints” Girl


When Chelsea showed up to help style the looks, she told me “I don’t wear prints.” Come to think of it, Chelsea rarely branches out of the badass basics: black, boot, fur, and leather. If you’re like Chelsea, don’t fear- this hypnotic top is clean and subtle enough to become an every-day basic.


IMG_9780 (1)IMG_9782


Rock It Out


I love this dress. I love the way Shannon styled it even more. This dress is so versatile: rock it with chain boots and tights like Shannon or wear it with a pair of nude ballet flats and you’re fit for church. It’s a spunky update to a basic sundress.




The Print Lover


So, truth be told, this is a beach cover-up. The line also had two swimsuits and a beach towel. However, I simply couldn’t wait until the weather agreed to break out this baby. I threw on a slip underneath and was good to go!


Photos by Taylor Lewis

SMUstyle’s Most Eligible Bachelor: Dustin Drai

February 12, 2014 by



Yesterday I traversed the icy winds to sit down with SMU’s very own Dustin Drai. Maybe I’m being a little dramatic… who wouldn’t want to spend an evening with SMUstyle’s most eligible bachelor?! Once arriving at the FIJI fraternity house, we got right to business.




Name: Dustin Drai

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Year: Sophomore

Age: 20



SK: So Dustin, tell our readers a little bit about yourself— what was it like growing up in Los Angeles?


DD: It was a ton of fun growing up in LA. You get the opportunity to meet of ton of great people. I went to high school where it was normal to see a famous person’s face every day. Life in LA is different than Dallas though: it’s very fast paced.




SK: Do you feel that your hometown and lifestyle back in LA has influenced your style? If so, how?

DD: Yes. A lot of fashion comes out of LA so that has definitely influenced me. My style is very trendy: I don’t wear Sperry’s and never would. You’ll catch most guys around campus wearing plain blue tees or something like that. I’m very flashy. I love crazy t-shirts: flowers, neon, metallics— most things you don’t see guys wearing around campus. Had I not been from LA, I don’t know how much of that I’d be wearing on my own.




SK: Clearly we are interviewing you for a reason: you are SMU’s most eligible bachelor. Do you think you are deserving of this title? Why or why not?


DD: Oh yeah! 100%! Because I haven’t found the right girl yet, I would agree I’m an eligible bachelor. I’m a very loving person so maybe that day will come soon.




SK: What do you think your reputation around campus is with the ladies? With the boys?


DD: Oh god….. Like I said, I think that I am a very outgoing and loving guy and the girls enjoy being around me. I believe they enjoy my company because they know I always have a good time. As for guys, I’m friends with everyone— I don’t have any enemies. Or at least I don’t think I do….




SK: Let’s talk love. Valentine’s Day Plans?


DD: No plans besides just going out with the boys. We’re going to meet up with some friends, so who knows what could happen?




SK: Now, let’s get cheesy. If you did have someone special in your life, what would be the ideal date?


DD: Oh I have this down. Pick her up in a limo with champagne on ice and roses waiting. Take her to an extremely nice restaurant with a private table set in the back. We would have a great meal and then after, I’d find a fun spot or show to check out. Los Angeles is famous for awesome lookouts in the mountains with great views or the City or Valley. Here in Dallas, that might be a little more difficult to find. After, I would either book us a beautiful hotel room or take her home depending on how the night goes. [Such a gentlemen, we cry.]



SK: Lastly, since this is a fashion blog after all (although we are known for posting some swoon-worthy men), what fashions do you find most attractive on women? When you walk into Avenu on a Friday night, what outfit makes you stop, say hello, and offer that all-powerful cheek kiss and bear hug that makes the ladies melt?


DD: Today’s fashion is so different— it used to be only about who was wearing the shortest or tightest dress at the club. Now a girl could rock anything from jeans with high heels and a cool top to a jumper one-piece. Fashion changes every day and I think my personal preferences adapt with it. Honestly though, as long as a girl looks confident in what she’s wearing, it doesn’t really matter. It’s not the clothes that make me stop and say hello, it’s the girl herself.




Now ladies, this isn’t all about the man— we interviewed a couple of you and got the word from the street:


Why we love him


“Dustin is such a little charmer. I always look forward to that kiss on the cheek whenever I see him!”


“Ultimate hunk. So sexy with his hair all gelled.”


“Dustin’s great! He knows how to show everyone a good time!”


And a little Mean Girl reference never hurt anybody….


 “I saw Dustin wearing army pants and flip flops… so I bought army pants and flip flops.”


Why we don’t


“Well he’s hooked up with all my roommates but I’d still be down…”


“He calls himself Mr. Las Vegas but he doesn’t even live there.” [SMUstyle got the skinny: He works and lives out there during the summer!]


“Why I don’t like Dustin? Because I don’t stand a chance. But one can always dream…”


After changing out of his snappy suit, Dustin was off to Dedman for a quick workout before hitting up Fondren for a late-night study sesh. With a tight hug and a kiss on the check, my day with Dustin Drai was done.


xx, SK

Photos by Shelly Knutson

Sunday’s Best: What We Wore

February 10, 2014 by


Another Sunday, another SMUstyle get-together featuring fabulous Toko V sushi and cocktails…. rough life right? Since we’ve held a meeting at this Highland Park Village joint, I decided to feature our fashionable staff instead. With that said, we have an important announcement! This Valentine’s Day, you could win a free four-course wine-paired food tasting at Toko V with just one thing— your (and your boyfriend’s) beautiful face! Post an Instagram of you and your beau (single girls— don’t fret: snap a pic with your bestie and do the same!) and hashtag the caption #SMUstyleTokoVDay to get put into the running! The lucky couple will be announced later this week.

Now, back to the fashion. What do you consider Sunday’s Best?

DSC_0054DSC_0072DSC_0082DSC_0076DSC_0058DSC_0088DSC_0106DSC_0132DSC_0108DSC_0147DSC_0141DSC_0091xx, SK

Photos by Shelly Knutson


January 8, 2014 by

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 9.23.53 PM


When it comes to Pref, all bets are off. I think officially Pref is “cocktail attire” but all I hear is “lesgo crazy!” Now I’m all for personal style flare, but NO, I repeat, NO this does not mean wear your sexy-fied Friday Night Avenu Best. Pref is a day to showcase that classy girl you are— think clinking champagne at brunch with the girls or a meet-the-parents-in-Midtown type of get-up. Still, while most girls were stumbling around in LBDs and basic pumps, I wore this last year and you can wear something just as cool! After rush, I had girls I’d never met before coming up to me saying “OMG! You were the girl that wore the neon dress and leather jacket! That was so cool!” My advice for Pref? Take the bull by the horns and dare to wear something that makes you stand out.