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Meg Burditt

Fashion’s New Colorful Twist: Tie-Dye

March 20, 2019 by

Does anyone remember that birthday party where you made a horrific, every-color-of-the-rainbow, tie-dye t-shirt that you wore once in your life and never again? While those tie-dye jobs were probably a bit elementary and extreme, this spring is the time to channel your inner hippy-self because tie-dye is back to make a colorful splash in fashion.

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Palette: A Must-See in NYC

October 18, 2018 by

Shopping is cardio. Therefore, it definitely burns hundreds of calories. So if you wish to maintain enough energy to keep sorting through sales racks, trying on magical shoes and testing out new beauty products, a quick lunch break is an absolute must. Bergdorf Goodman (aka heaven on earth) saved every shopaholics shopping sprees and opened Palette, a little café where everyone can dine and refuel in serious style!

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