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April 7, 2016 by

Bandanas: the throwback 90s cool girl trend sweeping the street style world.

It’s time to get funky with some paisley patterns. They might have started with Tupac, the original bandana man, and continued throughout their 90s bandana-as-a-tshirt phase, but now they’re back as the ultimate chocker/bracelet/headband that are guaranteed to transform any jeans-and-a-tshirt-with-your-white-sneakers #ootd into the ultimate blogger approved outfit. Even YSL came out with a Kanye West approved black bandana this season.

Don’t believe me? Check out our pin-spiration board that will have you running around to find one in every color.

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The Return of Blue Steel

February 10, 2016 by

If you didn’t check out the Zoolander premiere on Snapchat last night, sorry to say – you missed out! As if Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson’s Zoolander stunt last year at the Valentino PFW show wasn’t great enough, the premiere of the movie last night in New York doubled as a ridiculously good looking runway show featuring, of course, everyone who’s anyone in the fashion industry.

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Gifts For Your {Best Friend}

December 4, 2015 by

It’s always nearly impossible to get your best friend something you think:
a) she actually wants or needs that her parents aren’t getting her
b) that shows her how much that box of chocolates she left on your doorstep that one really bad day means
c) is just so perfect for her you can’t believe you actually found it

Sometimes, it might not just be one thing… This year it’s time to grab some adorable wrapping paper, ribbons, tissue paper and bows and curate the absolutely perfect best friend holiday care package!

If you’re planning on a big white elephant style Holiday Party with your group of friends, get something you know any one of them will absolutely adore! Or, if you’re more of a quality over quantity kind of person target some of the bigger ticket items your best friend will not believe you actually snagged just in time for Christmas.

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Friendsgiving Foodspiration

November 19, 2015 by

Friendsgiving is upon us! The weekend before Thanksgiving is the time to bring best friends together and give thanks for all those days they put up with you when you were hangry, tears they probably wiped away, and those hilarious snapchats that just absolutely made your day.

It might seem like the easy way out to stop by the grocery store and grab a take-out mashed potatoes or mac & cheese and be done with it, but if you have access to a kitchen – use it! It’s finally a good time to bring out all of those Pinterest recipes you have been drooling over! Unless you’re the one who said they’d bring the turkey, take a look at some of these mouth watering recipes made for a celebration. And drinks too!
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These Boots Were Made for Staring

November 12, 2015 by

The over-the-knee boot has literally been featured everywhere these days and is giving us major leg AND shoe envy.

From spring to winter, runway to street style, model off duty to model at the club they’re the easiest accessory to update any look. And on top of that, you stay chic while staying warm! Which seems to be nearly impossible as soon as the weather drops below 50 degrees.

The OTK is also quite the allusive shoe. If you’re on the shorter side, these will most definitely extend your leg and make you look taller – especially when you pair it with a dress or a skirt. But, if you’re on the taller side it might give the illusion you’re wearing heals when you could very well be rocking flat boots.

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The Costumes in Your Closet

October 29, 2015 by

To some, Halloween is an awful joke of a holiday. Why should we spend money on a costume we’ll never wear again when we much rather spend it on those sunglasses we’ve been hardcore eyeing for the past three months… Right?!

If this is something you have thought about continuously, then we have something in common. For instance, last year I dressed up as a “basic betch” – body con dress, red soled heels and all! There’s plenty of costume ideas you’ve probably haven’t even thought of sitting right in front of you in your closet that’s guaranteed to make your friends envious of your super cute outfit and ingenious idea. It’s time to shop through your own closet and create some top notch costumes.

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The Style Squad

October 23, 2015 by


These days being considered part of Taylor Swift’s girl squad is as elusive as being part of the Mob.

But really.

As we’re all well aware, this phenomenal group of eclectic strong-minded, beautiful, and thoughtful women seems to be every girl’s role models in one way or another. From Taylor Swift herself to hilarious Cara Delevingne, charming Selena Gomez, and even honorary gbf to the stars Derek Blasberg – who wouldn’t want to join forces with this crew?! After a special week of getting to know the whole #SMUstyle crew, we’re ending it with a who’s who of Swift Squad we would want to be.

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#BalmainNation for H&M

October 21, 2015 by

Master and Commander Olivier Rousteing has slayed the game once again!

And this time at a price we can kinda afford!!! That’s right, in case you’ve been living under a rock, Rousteing has finally revealed the complete Balmain x H&M capsule collection. Last night, the fashion crowd gathered around in a Wall-Street-turned-Subway-Station building to witness the reveal of Rousteing’s ultra glam, ultra sexy, and ultra sparkly men’s and women’s collections that are so close to the million dollar price tag thing it’s uncanny.

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