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Coming in Clutch

April 9, 2014 by

The clutch – a quality piece to any ensemble for the girl who can avoid losing a bag that isn’t strapped to her body. Yes, we know how few of you can handle returning home with your bag after a day at Ice House.

But we’re suggesting you master the talent of getting home with your phone, keys, AND a strap-less purse.

Cause this spring, day or night, the clutch is a must.

coming in clutch clutch

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We’re giving our consent to clutch – Good Luck.

Showing Me Their MuMu

March 31, 2014 by




Show Me Your MuMu, a clothing line designed by two best friends Cammy Hebert and Cologne Schmidt, has been revamping the mumu since 2010. Show Me Your MuMu was born out of the girls’ little New York apartment, and spread like wildfire. All MuMu is “made in the Gorge USA” putting it on the short list of American made designs, and

(not to mention) the best one we’ve found thus far.


Cammy and Cologne were featured as the guest designers at the recent Fall ’14 Market at FIG Dallas, where we got to catch up with the print-loving, MuMu-creating, and downright captivating designers.




Your Daily Lives in 5 Words:

Hectic, Coffee, Laughter, Fulfilling, Spontaneous


Where Do Y’all Find The Most Inspiration?

Traveling and engrossing ourselves in international street style


Your Personal Top Trend Picks for This Spring:

Rompers, crop tops, and mini skirts


Your “Must Have” MuMu Piece:

Cammy – Jocelyn Maxi Dress

Cologne – Froggy Fringe Knickers and EVERY mini dress


What Kind of Music Can We Find You Two Playing?

Birdy Pandora, Fleetwood Mac, and we mix in a bit of Ellie Goulding


What’s the Best Drink You’ve Had in Dallas?

The skinny margs from Victor Tango’s (they clearly know the key to our hearts)


Get In a Time Machine, What Would Y’all Relive?

Our first summer after college (2009), we called it the “summer of love” and the “year of yes”


Your Dream Dates:

Cammy – I’d teleport to Necker Island

Cologne – A Weekend Getaway


The Average MuMu Saturday Night:

Dinner in Venice with the boyfriends, or out on the town with the MuMu girls


Favorite Nail Polish Color:

Cammy – Sand Tropez

Cologne – Mermaid Tears


What’s The Best Trip You’ve Taken Together?

We sailed to Catalina with our boyfriend and friends, a trip we like to refer to as “The Catalina Cup”


Celebrity Crushes:

Cammy – A tie between Garrett Hedlund and Jason Segel

Cologne – Vintage Leo circa 1996 in Romeo + Juliet


Pros of Working with Your Best Friend:

Being with your best friend (obvi) and turning the friendship into a sisterhood


Cons of Working with Your Best Friend:

We manage to offend every other friend we have, because we have no time for normal life and working together causes a more emotional working environment



Photos Courtesy of Show Me Your MuMu & Alessandra Neason 


Show Me Your MuMu is offering SMU students 15% off through the month of April with the discount code “SMUmu

So treat your closet to their free-flowing bohemian designs – you won’t regret it.

Nomad Gypsy Jewels

March 19, 2014 by

Never a girl to keep a great find to myself, I jumped at the opportunity to get my friend’s new jewelry line on the blog to share with y’all. With a price point you can’t beat, stones to drool over, and a fresh new take on what to do with gun and rifle ammunition, Nomad Gypsy Jewels has become my personal new obsession.




Elizabeth San Martino started Nomad Gypsy Jewels only a few months ago, and has already stunned girls from Texas to Orlando. After struggling to find any jewelry that she truly loved, the NGJ designer found a little inspiration from her grandfather’s life as a gunsmith – and boom the NGJ trademark bullet jewels were born. We took the designer herself (pictured above) and a few of our favorite pieces to Truck Yard on a sunny afternoon to capture the brand’s

free-spirited radiance in the ideal adult playground.


1799086_10201872700354359_1411218508_o 1939586_10201872709314583_313643476_o 1898893_10201872706994525_924889491_o 1912040_10201872710434611_670311807_o 1622321_10201872706754519_1705956393_o 1658498_10201872708074552_1282650819_o 1658604_10201872705474487_1174033015_o1781730_10201872709994600_1291620424_o1412302_10201872701514388_1568572589_o


These $15-$60 hand crafted designs can be made to order with any personalizations by contacting Elizabeth San Martino at





NGJ Twitter // NGJ Facebook // NGJ Instagram

The Spring Break Bucket List

March 7, 2014 by

Hello Spring Break! You’re finally here and that means we can all re-welcome the beach, the drinks, the bikinis, and the non-stop partying that puts our Dallas lives to shame. I mean, who knew that could be done after that Playboy nightlife ranking? We obviously expect so much greatness from this week, but we must also recognize the responsibility we hold in creating these memories of a lifetime – and that’s where the spring break bucket list comes into play.


sbPhoto Courtesy of the jumping blonde (Courtney Michalek)


So cheers to the week you might not remember, with the friends you probably just met.


1. Stay up for 24+ hours

2. Watch a sunrise and sunset

3. Fill 3 disposable cameras (to be developed before going through airport security)

4. Lose one (or more) articles of clothing at Mango Deck

5. Sneak into a guest list party (bonus points for weddings and birthday parties)

6. Try a different hangover cure every day

7. Climb onto a stranger’s shoulders

8. Make friends with 10 people from a different country than the one you’re visiting

9. Sleep outside

10. Photobomb every photo you can

11. Brush your teeth with booze

12. Get a tattoo (hangover-style-face-tat preferred)

13. Kiss an un-expecting stranger, because who knows, it could be love

14. Fly the SMU flag – right next to the fraternity flag that I’m sure is already packed and ready for the cabanas

15. “Adult sleepovers”

16. Sing karaoke

17. Get the ultimate spring break picture – you know, the one you’ll be mortified for your future grandchildren to find

18. Try at least one new thing a day

19. Say yes… to everything for a full day

20. Skinny dip (we like to save the best for last)

Layer Up

February 27, 2014 by

Winter weather isn’t taking the hint – we’re over it, but it just keeps coming back for more. The best way to prepare for the unpredictable Dallas weather? Layers. Layers. Layers. Put on one extra piece, or five. The layered look is the smart girl’s way to look fab while beating the chilly wind that is present one minute, and enjoying the Dallas sunshine the next.

As much as I’d love nothing more than consistent spring weather, we can’t expect that kind of luck in the big D.


layers on layers on layers


So layer up (and pray to get the chance to lose one or two)

whether it’s on your way to class, out with the girls, on the clock, or off to dinner and cocktails with your main squeeze.



keep it cas

casual layerscasual layerscasual layers
Where To Shop Her Look: Leather Jacket, Striped Shirt, Chambray Shirt, Tank, Silk Scarf, Pants, Loafers


ladies night

goin' outgoin' out
Where To Shop Her Look: Cropped Top, Leopard Scarf, Leggings, Wedges


werk it

the working girlthe working girl the working girl
Where To Shop Her Look: Hat, Blazer, Over-the-Shoulders Sweater, Vintage Skirt (look alike here), Socks, Loafers


out with tha man


date night layadate night
Where To Shop Her Look: Hat, Dress, Vest, Booties

Le Boudoir

February 13, 2014 by

What better gift than the one that treats both the gift giver and the receiver? Lingerie doubles as both the not-so-selfish splurge, or even the perfect surprise you didn’t expect him to think of.


Here is a little inspiration for what to wear (or gift) this Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re coupled up or flying solo,

every girl should indulge their desires with unforgettable unmentionables.





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How To Wear Spring Leather

February 7, 2014 by

The polls are rolling in – and all weather leather is a go. With New York Fashion Week in full swing we have been keeping our sights set on the 2014 fall top trends, and it looks like this season’s winter love for leather isn’t going anywhere through SS14 OR FW14. In hopes that you will stay on trend, and avoid only wearing the cliché spring pastels and florals, here’s a guide on how to keep wearing your favorite material through the rest of the semester.


the rustic

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

Friday Morning Class6 / 7 / 8 / 9

The Internship10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14


Whoever said cotton was the fabric of spring – was seriously disturbed.

 xo, Chelsea

Fashion Touchdown

January 31, 2014 by


While Super Bowl Sunday is typically centered around drinks, snacks, and the best pigskin teams in the league – this year that is being changed by the CFDA hand-picking an elite team of their own. Bloomingdale’s, the NFL, and the Council of Fashion Designers of America have joined together for Super Bowl XLVIII to give fashion and football lovers alike a little more fantasy to their football.

cfda helmets


 All 48 eccentric helmets will be auctioned off, with 100% of the proceeds benefiting the NFL Foundation. While we at SMUStyle are all for the support of non-profit organizations, these fashionable football wear picks won’t be cheap. The minimum bid for each helmet starts at $248, but that hasn’t stopped the highest current bid on the Haute Couture Helmet by John Varvatos from reaching $2,276 three days before the actual game.



For the fashionable football fanatics – be sure to place your bids here before the clock runs out.