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If we’re going to die labeled as the generation that couldn’t get their phones out of their faces, we may as well use them to their fullest potential, right? Leave opinions in the comments. Like and follow back. REVINE FOR REVINE.

I spammed my Groupme chats asking for my friends’ app obsessions, and was not disappointed. I’ve since downloaded ALL of the applications mentioned below and can’t wait to get super productive/even more addicted to my small rectangle of glass and metal. Happy apping, y’all!

This AM • Feedly • Countable • Bandsintown • Vogue • Nightlife • Camcard • Day One • Soon •     Wunderlist • House Party • Mark O’Travel • Hopper • Duolingo • Sunshine • Pocket Points

This AM – Wake up to the top eight stories of the day, courtesy of Refinery29. You can scroll through the list to get the buzzwords and baselines of the stories, or click ‘read more’ for a closer look at what happened while you were snoozing.


Feedly – I’m a blog fiend and hate to feel like I’ve missed anything. Feedly pulls the latest posts from all my favorite outlets into neatly categorized sections, like Fashion (you know, the important stuff) pictured below. Accounts are syncable (what a word) across devices, including tablets and laptops, so you can become #learned anywhere and everywhere!


Countable – for the politically inclined or perhaps the politically illiterate, this app gives you the quick and dirty synopsis of current bills lazing about in the House of Representatives. The app provides information on content of, current status of, and how many users have voted yea or nay on each bill. The app also connects you directly to your local representatives, and provides the voting history for each rep.


Bandsintown – Gone are the days of contracting Snapstory envy from your friend at the Dixie Chicks concert that you DIDN’T EVEN KNOW was happening. Find tons of local artists and upcoming events in the swipe of a finger.


Vogue – Okay, so not exactly a “hidden gem” of a brand, but I’ve found among the fashion set that the app is seriously underused. It’s like Buzzfeed, but just for fashion, and it’s all Anna Wintour approved. Go ahead, spend your entire Tuesday evening catching up on every 73 questions video ever made, we won’t judge you.


Nightlife – How many times have you gotten that Groupme notification, “anyone know a place with drink specials tonight?” Yeah, about eleven times too many. Nightlife gives you easy access to all the sweetest deals in your city, and help you plan a student-budget-friendly night out on the town.


Save it for Later

CamCard – Do you also have a weird, disorganized pile of miscellaneous business cards taking up a strange corner of your desk? No? Whatever, use this anyway and save the trees! Just take a snap of the card, and all its information will be uploaded to your own handy dandy business card library. Not the worst helper to have in the ever-nearing job search @seniors *shivers*. (Apologies for the sorry screenshot on this one, but I didn’t think it fitting to blast my contact cards all over the Interweb.)


Day One – the BEST journaling app out there. Because you have the option to sync across all devices, you can jot down any thought at any second from pretty much anywhere – even in obscure corners of Central America (see screenshot below). Each post includes all kinds of cool data, like the song you were listening to, your geographic location, the weather, and more. It’s nice to be able to slip back into the mindset I was in while laying on the beach in Belize, or riding down a bumpy road in Costa Rica, or even flying back to Dallas to kick off senior year. This is my favorite app that I use, by far.


Soon – self-described as your “everyday bucket list”, soon keeps track of the things you want to do, like movies and TV series you want to watch, books to read, museums to visit, etc. AND you can share these lists with your friends and collaborate, as well as base lists in certain cities. I’ve already got big plans for the 2017 Seattle-Vancouver Spring Break extravaganza!!


Wunderlist – one of those über popular to-do list apps. The older I get, the less time I seem to have to write everything neatly and *cutely* in my planner, so digital once again appears to lead the way. You can separate lists and share with friends as well, so that all the roommates can know what’s on the grocery list and you can keep work life and social life sweetly separated. Hoorah for attempted organization!


House Party – you’ve no doubt heard at least eight friends rave about this one by now – it’s like Facetime, but with up to ten people! This easily should’ve been invented about five years ago, but we’ll take however much imitated human interaction we can get!


Mark O’Travel – for my travel nerds, this app keeps track of all the countries you’ve visited, and gives you nice little fractions and percentages to tally up the percentage of the world you’ve touched down in. Additional maps available for purchase, like the 50 US states and provinces in numerous other countries. It’s the next best thing to sticking pins in a globe when you’re moving from tiny apartment to tinier apartment every four months or so.


Hopper – I HATE constantly checking for flights and have definitely panic-bought a few too many high-priced tickets on the basis of anxiety alone. Along comes hopper, a happy little app dedicated to making sure you get the best price possible by watching your chosen flight dates and alerting you to expected and actual price changes. Remember, money saved on flights is money spent on food (and booze).


Duolingo – If you were unsure of my super nerd levels before, have no fear, I’m currently working on five languages in this one app!!! Through carefully categorized mini-quizzes, Duolingo will teach you up to 21 different languages, totally for free! A lesson a day keeps the dumb-dumbs away!


Sunshine – Oh Texas, you know we love you, but you know we really hate wearing a sweater in 60 degree weather and then sweating our faces off because the sun decided to show and it feels like 87. This lovely app makes up for the weather channel’s losses, and lets you know exactly how you’ll feel at what time, and your ideal outfit option as well. Never worry about dealing with all four seasons in one day again (THX TX).


• Pocket Points – Open the app when you get to class, lock your phone, and earn points for every minute you don’t distract yourself. Local businesses offer awards for a certain number of points, like %15 off a Dive Wrap or BOGO spray tan at Palm Beach. Go ahead, TREAT YOSELF.


Shoutout to technology for enabling the yearning for instant gratification and draining my bank account. App responsibly!


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