Animal Print: A Trend That Can’t Be Tamed

September 7, 2018 by

Imagine third grade me strutting around in my velvet, leopard print pants and refusing to take them off. Fifth grade me looked back at those pictures and absolutely hated myself. But WOW, I wish I had those pants now because animal print is back and better than ever.

I made my weekly retail therapy trip to Northpark, and oh my goodness I might as well have been in a jungle! Leopard print, zebra print, tiger print, and snakeskin¬†were EVERYWHERE. From dresses to handbags and Zara to Valentino, you name the piece and I promise it lingers nearby embellished with some sort of animal print that you can’t possibly pass by.

Yes, animal print is loud and can certainly be tacky and cheap-looking if you’re not careful. But, please don’t be mistaken because it’s also a definite neutral in fashion. It incorporates colors like brown, black, gray and white while shaking it up a bit and giving the neutral approach a fun twist. Matching a leopard or zebra print coat with a little black dress is obviously so chic, but be bold and try tastefully mixing it with other patterns or colors too. Here are some items I really, really wish had a home in my closet at the moment.

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Go find some animal print you can’t live without and flaunt this trend this fall!



Feature image courtesy of Vogue

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