An Inside Look at the Gucci-Craze

October 8, 2018 by

Hey SMUStyle readers,

Have you noticed how Gucci is like, so hot right now?

The glitzy, eye-catching designs of beaded flowers, embroidered tiger faces, and gemstones on Gucci’s bags, shoes, and garments are hard to miss. Not to mention the fact that the Gucci slides are everywhere and don’t seem to be going away any time soon.

We have Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s newest creative director, to thank for that. The Gucci-craze, also referred to as ‘Michele-ism,’ is oh so very prevalent, and we got the numbers to back it up.

According to parent company Kering’s 2018 First-Half Report, Gucci kicked off the year with a 49 percent sales increase and sits at number 36 on Forbes’ list of the World’s Most Valuable Brands. The only designer brand higher than them in that list is Hermès. You could say they’re doing well…

I had the pleasure of asking Cory Potter, the store manager of one of Gucci’s most prominent locations in Aspen, CO (a celebrity favorite) a few questions to get his take on where the brand stands today.

Favorite Gucci item you own? 

“I love the Princeton with the fur. I will head to the grocery in PJs in them. They are so comfy! They used to be made with kangaroo fur, but recently we switched to sheered lamb just before Gucci went fur-free.”

If you were to describe the brand in one word, what would you say? 

Innovative! Gucci is paving the way for many fashion houses. I think people love the artistic approach to something new in fashion. Alessandro is not worried to take chances with his collections.

What about Alessandro Michele’s vision for the brand speaks most to you? 

I love how relatable and diverse it is. Alessandro has said, “I’m not conscious of being a revolutionary. This is my life, looking through my glasses at my little world, but this world seems to be so full of people who understand it.” Alessandro is not ignorant, nor trying to take over the fashion industry. He’s just being himself!

Who do you think Gucci’s brand appeals most to? 

This is the best part – it relates to everyone and anyone! Gucci has done something no brand has done before. It has captured the adolescents to a very mature crowd. Just last week I have a lady on the phone buying her first pair of Gucci shoes at the age of 75. She told me she has been watching her grandchildren wearing them for a year and it was her turn!

Is there anything Gucci on your wishlist right now? 

Either a bomber or zip-up jacket with the long neck. I love the colors red and blue. I’ve tried both on and haven’t been able to stop thinking about them since!

Special thanks to Cory for an inside look at Gucci.

If you ever find yourself in Aspen, he says to be sure to stop by and say hello – he’ll get you taken care of!

MB ~out~


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