An Easy Way to Get into Shape

December 11, 2019 by

It is never too early to start your spring break diet, and I have the perfect place for you to begin: Shape Up Dallas.

Shape Up Dallas offers healthy teas and protein shakes. The tea includes a mix of aloe vera, green tea extract, water, and flavoring. This combination of products creates a tea that boosts your metabolism and aids with digestion. Fun fact, the tea is negative calories because it boosts your metabolism so much. I would suggest ordering a 16 oz tea with cranberry aloe in the flavor skittles. It will not disappoint!

I know that protein shakes may sound disgusting to some people. However, with these shakes, you cannot even taste the protein flavor. By combining a variety of ingredients for each flavor, the outcome is a yummy meal replacement shake under 250 calories. Each shake has 24-30 grams of protein. I recommend getting a 16 oz birthday cake flavored shake. You will be amazed by how good it tastes. 

And if you want even more health than what is offered, you can add on a collagen beauty booster, liftoff, probiotic, prolessa, and many more. The beauty booster helps strengthen your hair, skin, and nails. Liftoff is added to wake you up and give you more energy and focus. The probiotic helps form a healthy digestive and immune system. Prolessa focuses on curbing your hunger and burning your fat. 

Eating healthy and working out can only do so much individually, but are unstoppable when paired together. Shape Up Dallas also offers free workout classes. Yes, totally free! Stop in a few times a week, join the workout, and have a shake for a meal. Personally, I have been drinking a shake and tea at least three times a week for the past two years. I immediately lost 12 pounds and have kept it off ever since. There is nowhere else that I would recommend for an easy diet.

Hope to see you there!


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