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If you haven’t seen the Travis Scott documentary yet, you need to. The documentary captures the chaos that occurs during his performances and the craziest performance of all at the Astroworld Festival. When he announced the festival was happening again in 2019, I immediately bought my ticket, no questions asked. I will never forget my mom telling me, “if you die, I told you so.” And it was the best experience of my life…

The drive to Houston was super easy, just a straight shot from Dallas. Once we arrived at our hotel, we got ready and headed to the festival, which began at noon. The line to get in was about 15 minutes long and already rowdy. Shoes being tossed everywhere, water bottles flying, these fans were ready to rage. The main entrance is one of the coolest parts. The big banner and Travis head with the Ferris wheel in the background is very picturesque. We did not quite know where to start, but we knew we wanted merch. There were three merchandise tents, and I kid you not; the line was 5 hours long. We decided to take some pictures and then go to the merch tent that was farthest from the entrance. That line was still super long, so we paid people in the front to buy the merch we wanted for us. Super easy and definitely a life hack for concerts. 

Next, we headed to the main stage. Da Baby was going to perform in a few minutes, so we decided to get super close. We wanted to push our way to the front fence once he started playing. Well, that did not happen. This crowd was unlike any other. We were flying around the mosh pits, literally feet not on the ground. After about 3 minutes, we decided to try exit because we had huge merchandise bags. We enjoyed Da Baby from a safe distance. 

There was plenty to do at the festival besides watch music. Travis had a Ferris wheel, a drop tower ride, and a few others to make the experience more like the original amusement park. There also were carnival games and food trucks. I think it was nicely put together. 

Image via @astroworldfest Instagram

As the day went on, we knew we needed to stake out a spot for the evening performances. We went right up against a fence, and the sound and lighting crew were behind us. For 6 hours, we did not leave this spot. We saw Playboi Carti, Migos, Pharrel, and finally Travis Scott. The energy in the festival when Travis came on is indescribable. Mosh pits everywhere. I honestly was a little concerned that I was going to be internally bleeding afterward or concussed. But it is undeniable that Travis Scott is the best live performer. He brought out so many guests as well, including Kanye West and Gunna. Also, I was fangirling a little about seeing Kylie, Stas, Sofia, and Stormi in the wings. The entire performance was amazing, and it did not feel like real life. 

When it was over, I was freaking out because that was the BEST experience ever. It truly is hard to describe the feeling of being at Astroworld. I definitely will be going back, and if you get the chance, you should too. Prepare yourself for a long day with lots of water. I would suggest not bringing a bag if you want to be in the mosh. And if you do not want to be in the mosh, find a fence! It will save you from the craziness. Astroworld is the experience of a lifetime.





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