All Hail Queen Rih

February 16, 2016 by

How does she do it? Quite honestly I can’t tell if I want to be her or be with her, but there’s no doubt I have a slight obsession. Since 2016 began, Rihanna has propelled herself further into the depths of glamour and I’m loving every minute enough.

**Below you can see the Rihanna in her natural habitat, groveling in her perfection**

So what has Rih been up to?

Well, besides cancelling her Grammys performance (DEVASTATED), she’s been slaying in both the fashion and music domains.


Her LONG awaited album anti finally came out, and almost instantly claimed the title of the fastest album to go platinum. The tracklist boasts a series of slower and sensual ballads that illustrate the sultry, bad ass, but vulnerable side of the Carribean queen. With only a few of her typical turn up tunes, I think it’s a statement as an artist versus another money making ploy, a product of the nauseating pop superstar cycle. The fact that it’s only available on Tidal is annoying–tbh I got a subscription just to hear the album–but, I ended up spending the $12 to buy it, and I’d say it was well worth it. Unfortunately,  “work work work work work work”  has already been ruined by one too many undeserving insta captions.



I’m shocked that this collection hasn’t gotten more hype. Last week, Rihanna showed the collection for her new line, Fenty, that was in fact a collab with PUMA. I was slightly nervous because PUMA? But, of course, Rihanna had me gagging. Obviously the grunge aesthetic/dark palette look is my jam, so to say the least I was impressed. Moving away from athleisure, the collection put a serious gothic edge on the minimalistic sportswear. She channeled her sexy femininity intertwined with a sinister narrative, something straight out of vampire Vogue. Needless to say it was super sick, and I can’t wait to snag a few pieces for myself.

Check out the looks from the collection here.

Point of the story: Rihanna is f****** perfect and continues to shine bright like a diamond.





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