Air Maison Margiela, the Online Airline I’ll Fly

March 21, 2018 by

Forty Five Ten has given us another reason to love them. First, the luxury store brought Ashley Longshore to Dallas, and now add Maison Margiela to the list of chic Dallas inhabitants.

Unfortunately, the progressive and aesthetic label did not book a one-way ticket. In fact, this exclusive pop-up shop, only available to the eyes of those who dare to venture uptown to the FFT on Main Street, will only be stopping in from March 15-31. So, book your ticket NOW! – only a pun, no ticket necessary.

Now you might be thinking, Carol, why have you already made three travel puns in the first two sentences? Well, I’m tired, it’s late, and the theme of this entire pop-up revolves around an opulent first-class flight to wherever your heart desires. Featuring full-size seats –that I can only DREAM of lounging in mid-air one day– mannequins sit and gawk at passerby-ers, as if what THEY’RE wearing is what’s weird.

Dressed in typical Margiela manner, these models are decked head-to-toe in what they must believe to be reasonable overnight flight apparel. No judgment though, they still look cooler than me on an everyday basis with their crisp and structured blazers, collared shirts and blouses. Attached to their belt loops, on their shoulders or even on their purses are the coolest luggage tags in existence. I should put one on myself and wear it on a daily basis so people know that I’m FRAGILE, baby. John Galliano thought about it ALL and pays attention to the details, following in the footsteps of the namesake of the house. Let’s not forget about his creative and stunning show for Fall 2018. Can you say, “apocalypse ready”?

Clearly judging me, as if they’re questioning if I am REALLY fit to sit in economy

The crown jewel of the entire collection and possibly Galliano’s most innovative accessory ever created would be the new Glam Slam bag. It’s GENIUS! Not only is it large enough to fit all your in-flight belongings that are just as extra as you, but it also doubles as a pillow. I’m not overexaggerating, the thing is like air, a cloud, cotton candy, and anything else that’s soft and plush. I didn’t dare to lay a finger on it, though. I was definitely walking into a fashionable museum that has a strict “look, but don’t touch” policy. The bag comes in an array of sizes and goes anywhere from $1,690-$1,995.

THE Glam Slam, sure is one GRAND SLAM of a bag, amirite?

Visit this pop-up, not only for the views or the stylish neck pillows, but also for the important message- air travel attire really doesn’t have to be that bad.



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