A Rotating Wardrobe: Rent the Runway

March 28, 2019 by

Rent the Runway is an innovative invention that allows customers to create an alternating wardrobe. With fashion trends changing every second, this is such great way to save money. Ever since I was little, I have had an obsession with fashion; and I have always been a shopaholic. The downside of these qualities is that I have a slight issue with wearing something once, posting in it, and then throwing it in the back of my closet. The solution: Rent the Runway. 

Rent the Runway is an e-commerce site that allows you to rent clothing. RTR is not only great for working women, but also us college students. On the website, you can rent outfits for formals, events, parties, interviews…basically anything. I realized that all my worn dresses end up in the back of my closet, so why would I waste the money. Wouldn’t you rather wear a $500 dress, but only be paying 1/5 of the price? It doesn’t end there though. Rent the runway has the cutest jackets, accessories and denim options too. 

It’s this simple-

Step 1: Go to https://www.renttherunway.com

Step 2: Shop by Dresses, Clothing, Occasions etc…

Step 3: Find something you love

Step 4: Choose your size and a back up size

Step 5: Select a 4-day rental or an 8-day rental and find the dates you’ll need it

Step 6: Check out


I tried this for the first time last year and was honestly amazed. My dresses ended up coming in a zippered black bag. Thank god they allowed for a back-up size because the dress ended up fitting perfectly. When I was done with the dress all I had to do was put it back in the bag, switch out the shipping label (which they provide), and throw it in the mail box. It was all way easier than I thought it would be.

I’m so excited to announce the 25% Student Discount starts today!!! You can choose from hundreds of designers like Reformation, Adidas, Opening Ceremony, Fila and The Kooples. 

The discount is applicable toward the RTR Update subscription. How it works: Select 4 rentals each month and when you’re ready to refresh, swap them out. With the discount code you can get your subscription for $89 $67/month.

RTR reps’ fav looks: @madmiller, @annikaberg, @ninakidd

*all graphics are credited to Rent the Runway


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