Closet Culture : A Retail Revolution

April 6, 2009 by

Despite the fact that your closet is packed, finding something to wear is a daily dilemma. Stop stressing, Ilana Heller is ready for you to raid her closet. Heller, founder of Closet Culture, has picked up her biz based in Cali and set up shop in Dallas. Closet Culture is the ultimate solution for those – Oh, what to wear? – moments.
Here is the low-down on how Closet Culture works:
1) Closet Culture does a DNA (Designers Needed Assessment) on the SMU student body to determine what brands and trends are popular on our campus.
2) A location is picked on or near campus to set up the closet.
3) Students buy a membership and have access to trendy tops, dresses and handbags. You checkout the goods for the night/weekend return them (similar to website bag, borrow and steal but not virtual).
From Claremont to NYU, Closet Culture is already a running success at Universities across the nation. If you want to be apart of the retail revolution email or visit the website

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