A Night at the Movies

February 18, 2019 by

No plans this weekend? Think again.

Look no further than Landmark Inwood Theatre on West Lovers.

Whether you’re down for date night, an outing with the girls, or simply bored out of your skull– this is this place to be.

Recently purchased by Mark Cuban (owner of the Mavericks), this theatre has gotta be the bougiest one I’ve ever seen. The upstairs screening rooms have beautiful leather lounge chairs… but that’s not what makes this place so special! They partnered with LoveSac for the first floor theatre and THIS was the result:


That’s right, full size sofas everywhere!! Talk about comfort. Think it can’t get any better? It can. Let me prove it:




Ladies, let me introduce you to the Inwood Lounge. One of Dallas’ premier martini bars, it’s located inside of the theatre. Any of their drinks are allowed to be enjoyed during your movie. Pretty sure I don’t need to do any more convincing.

Tickets are $11… A Saturday night in sweats? Priceless.

So, next time the weather has you down (or maybe you’re procrastinating on writing a paper), grab your beau or a group of your girls and head to Inwood. Don’t forget to stop at the Trader Joe’s across the street to stock up on snacks before the show😘



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