A Name to Watch: Hannah Bucknam

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Hannah Bucknam is a 22 year old influencer who is on the rise. Hannah has platforms on Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok and is gaining followers daily. Her funky style and energetic personality are not to be dismissed, watch out world- here comes Hannah Bucknam!

Hannah has had an online presence on Youtube and Instagram for the past few years, however she blew up when she started making content on her TikTok account.

“I downloaded TikTok Last March at the beginning of Quarantine and hated it. I didn’t understand it at all so I quickly stopped using it. A few months went by and I felt so out of it when my friends would reference TokTok trends and dances, so I finally caved in July and gave it another shot. I posted my first video, it wasn’t great but I was excited to learn more about how to create a new kind of exciting content”

From there, @hannahbucknam has blown up and she now has over 28,000 followers. Although Hannah posts on other platforms, TikTok has allowed for her to connect with a whole new group of people and audiences.

Due to her immense amount of followers, Hannah has created a fanbase who enjoy her vlogs, “OOTDS”, and so much more. Hannah’s fashion is something that doesn’t disappoint and definitely brings an array of fans.

” I genuinely just wear what I want. I don’t go by the “trends” or what’s “cool” or “appropriate” at my school, I wear what I feel best in. For me it is a way of expressing myself! In three words I would describe it as: girly, bold, and independent. My favorite quote (that I came up with) is “If you want to wear it, rock it” you can literally pull off anything if you own it!

“I set goals literally every single day. I think it is partially what makes me so successful. My main goal for this year is to gain more followers. It is definitely the hardest part of my “job” (I don’t like calling it a job…but it has turned into a business for me). Like I stated before, I have dreamed of being able to connect with the masses and honestly like help and encourage people… so one day when I have a gigantic platform it will be a dream come true because I plan to inspire those who I are struggling and unsure of themselves! (As I once was)”

“Waking up everyday and having something I am excited about! Yes, the free gifts and the ability to work with brands is insane but being able to wake up everyday and get excited about creating content is something I will always be so grateful for. For some, I am sure being an influencer is appealing because of all of the “perks” but for me it is something that I am so passionate about and hope to do full-time”

“I am soon to be graduating college and I am so excited to embark on my next adventure in life! I cannot wait to move into a city where I can finally meet so many of my “Internet friends” in real life, and have content all around me to work with. I think the possibilities for me are going to be endless, and I cannot wait to jump right in. After graduating I am planning on creating a master-list of goals and dreams of mine so I can take accountability and start checking off some things I have always dreamed of doing”

Hannah Bucknam is a name that should be remembered. Check out her Instagram, Youtube and TikTok accounts to stay updated on all things Hannah!

XX, Clementine

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