A Mother’s Day Adventure

May 8, 2017 by

PSA PEOPLE, Mother’s Day is this Sunday!!! While every mom loves getting a nice bouquet and a sincere card on her special day…sometimes its more sentimental to spend the day together, sharing great experiences and investing in meaningful conversation. If you want to treat your momma right this Mother’s Day, here are some fun experiences you two can enjoy together. 

  1. A trip to the Farmer’s Market– take your mom to a local Farmer’s market to soak in some vitamin D and maybe pick up some fresh fruit or even some fresh flowers while your there. She will be sure to enjoy this quality time with her girl!


  2. A cooking class– Look into classes at Whole Foods or Central Market. Classes range from “A Dinner in Provence” to “Easy as Pie”. Not only do you get to have a good time in the kitchen but you will also get to enjoy a tasty meal together when its all said and done.


  3. A fitness class/long walk– Take your mom on a mother-daughter SoulCycle date if she is down to get her butt kicked!! For a more leisurely option, take your mom for a walk on the Katy Trail then swing my Katy Trail Ice House for a drink and quick snack.



  4. The Dallas Arboretum– Pack a picnic lunch and head over to the arboretum to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Currently, the have the ZimScuplt exhibit on display which is a collection of modern Zimbabwean stone sculptures. There is also the ZimScuplt Markerplace with pieces from the ZimScuplt artists for sale. After a stroll through the gardens, take her through the marketplace to pick up a little something with which she can remember your special day.



  5. Blowouts at the DryBar– Book appointments for your and your momma to get your hair blown out…sip on champagne, share a good laugh then take her to her favorite brunch spot to wrap up the adventure.


This Mother’s Day, instead of being #basic, take your mom on a fabulous adventure and make a memory that will last a life time. I am sure she will appreciate it more than any gift you could possibly give her.

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