6 Tips for Managing Stress

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It’s week three of school and the “ease in” period has come to an abrupt halt.

You’re two chapters behind in reading and trying to cram for your first quiz, while simultaneously planning your next dinner reservation for 10. An overwhelming amount of stress sets in when you remember you forgot to finish that one assignment you promised yourself you would when you got home from OT two nights ago. We’ve all been there, unfortunately.

Making the transition from high school to college can be difficult for many reasons besides just getting used to new classes. Moving across the country, meeting new friends, or navigating around campus can be overwhelming in themselves. Many new students start to feel the pressure of juggling school work, going out, and self care about this time of year. It has begun to set it that school actually requires attention and you’ll have to make decisions between meeting friends at Mico or studying for your econ quiz. Therefore, as the school year continues to pick up, it’s important to not let it engulf you, but rather staying ahead so you can limit stress and maximize success.

      1. Learn to Say “No” 

I know passing up that Thursday night party invite to stay in your room and finish reading never sounds appealing, but skimming the book while quickly walking to Dallas Hall at 9:00 A.M. doesn’t either. Trust me when you get to be a senior, there are far less times I look back and say, “If only I went out that night instead of staying in” than you would think.

2. Stay Organized

As weird as it may sound, there’s honestly nothing more satisfying that filling in every event and assignment for the semester into your planner. Having everything in one place will help you visualize your weeks and plan ahead.

3.Take One Thing at a Time

It’s extremely easy when you have five looming assignments due by Friday to let them completely overwhelm you. Often new students tend to tackle all five at once, starting one and jumping to the other before the first is complete. Leaving an assignment unfinished while starting another will only send your stress level further through the roof.

4. Sleep

This one may seem fairly obvious but I know how tempting staying up until 3:00 A.M. with your friends may sound. Unfortunately, our brains need sleep to function and repeated sleep deficiencies can lead to elevated stress levels.

5. Remind Yourself of Long-term Goals

Everyday you’re going to be faced with seemingly insignificant choices: spend an hour studying calculus or spend an hour watching the latest episode of Bachelor in Paradise. While one is obviously more desirable than the other, only one will actually be beneficial to you. Choosing to study that one hour instead of watching Netflix will lessen the amount of time you’ll need to prepare that night before your first test.

6. Workout

Not only does working out produce endorphins that combat stress, but but forming and sticking to a habit will also help you plan ahead and stay focused. Whether that’s heading to Dedman, Corepower or Cyclebar, finding a workout you enjoy will become your go-to stress relieving activity.

There are always going to be stressors in college but if you follow these tips you’ll minimize your overall stress level and have a seamless transition into the next four years.





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