5 Minute Makeup for Women on the Go

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You sleepily roll over, yawn and pry your eyes open. Something’s wrong. It’s way to light outside your window. Your eyes dart over to your alarm clock, sitting there with a pretense of innocence–but what it reads is DOOM. You’re late (for the billionth time this week) for that class with that professor who doesn’t particularly throw rainbows and flowers of happiness your way for this very reason. You mutter a stream of profanities as you rush to appear somewhat presentable before you leap out the door like Seabiscuit.


Whether it’s for school or work, most people can relate to this. We have all had those days where getting ready in time seems like an impossible feat.


With this simple 5 step process, getting ready in 5 minutes is a synch.

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1.) A BB cream or tinted moisturizer like Origins Vitazing is a great and quick way to apply multiple steps at one time to the face. Origins Vitazing not only moisturizes and brightens the skin, but it customizes to match the exact color of your skin and gives a light, natural coverage. You can quickly apply this using your hands directly to the face. Your fingers will warm up the product nicely so that it blends perfectly into your skin.


2.) Whether you’re in a rush or not, filling in the brows is an important step that can totally pull together a look and frames the face. Anastasia Beverley Hills Brow Wiz is an amazing, award-winning retractable eyebrow pencil with a spoolie on the other end so that you can quickly comb through and fill in your brows. Use short, check-mark like strokes to fill in the brows quickly and give the natural, hair-like appearance.


3.) A long-wearing cream eyeshadow like Maybelline Color Tattoo is a wonderful way to add depth and interest to the eye area without taking too long. Just use your fingers or a brush to sweep the cream eyeshadow directly onto the lid and in one stroke you will have beautiful eyeshadow to compliment any eye color. My favorite color is Bad to the Bronze.


4.) Since you are fighting for time, you will need a mascara that both lengthens and volumizes to bring the most definition to the eye area. Benefit They’re Real Mascara is incredible to do just that and has rave reviews from beauty bloggers everywhere! (It’s one of my personal faves too!)


5.) For the power of a lip balm and lipstick combined, I present to you Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butters. These babies have awesome pigmentation and hydration and won’t overpower the rest of the natural, quick makeup you have applied. A great color for this spring and summer is Juicy Papaya, an orange-coral color that is very on trend for this season!


xoxo, Anne-Marie

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