Calligraphy is Back! (and here to stay)

October 23, 2018 by

Viv Jordan, a Dallas native, mother, wife, and exceptional artist has brought the lost art of calligraphy back into style.

Having a passion for art from a young age, Viv began exploring a career in custom calligraphy and lettering prints by making wedding invitations. She later expanded her talent to include chalk designs, which have been featured in wedding and various menu boards across Dallas hotspots. Today, in addition to print and chalk designs, she also does live lettering pop-ups at Neimans and teaches lettering classes for those students, parties, or just those looking to (wine)down.

A few weeks ago, Viv hosted a lettering basics class in lieu of the regularly scheduled class and was instantly mesmerized as she drew a few quotes in Expo marker. She went through the very basics of her craft; the difference between down strokes and up strokes, the steps to creating a custom print, and the beauty in something that wasn’t perfect (one idea I clung to as I looked down at my own paper). By the end of the class, I had learned some techniques of calligraphy and had attempted to create my own custom print (which will need to be redone before ever getting hung up).

Typically, Viv’s lettering workshops are hosted in much more inviting spaces, instantly creating a relaxed vibe to enjoy with friends. Her classes often cater to bachelorette or birthday parties, looking to exercise their creativity while sipping on rosé. Viv has also been featured in stores such as Neiman Marcus and Madewell pop-ups across the country for customers who want custom lettering on their newly purchased items.

Whether you need invitations, a customized bag, or just want a fun get-together activity some friends, you’ll be amazed by Viv’s talents. Below are some examples of her work – check it out!

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