You Studious Snuggle Bug, You!

September 27, 2017 by

Sitting at a desk, whether it be in class or studying on your own, for hours on end can be exhausting and uncomfortable. Being a student involves a lot of said sitting, as well as a lot of running around between classes. Putting on the wrong outfit the morning of an intense and hectic academic day has the power to decimate your mood, steal your focus and hinder your ability to properly get sh*t done. The key to being cool, calm, collected and ready to tackle the day involves soft, breathable fabrics and layers, layers, layers.

By this point in my college career, I feel that I have mastered my day-to-day uniform. If I’m not wearing a full Lululemon ensemble and planning on hitting the gym directly after class, I am (just as comfortably) in leggings or shorts and a light-weight, soft t-shirt. Oh, and I mustn’t forget my favorite facet of my daily look…, impossibly cozy sweatshirt. Being snug yet flexible for your studies is vastly more important than one may realize. Your comfort level promotes your attitude and engagement by getting your mind off of your personal appearance and redirecting it towards your school work!

I am not recommending coming to class unkempt and in your pajamas, though sometimes this is simply necessary – like Friday morning, post-Homebar. Alternatively, I would like to share some of my favorite brands for snuggly yet chic class apparel.







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