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Craving some style inspiration for 2020? We have just what you need.

 Statement Silver


Whether it’s day or night, having a silver piece can always make a statement. If you are thinking to add a touch of glamour for the day time, a silver piece of jewelry, a rhinestone purse, or a pair of silver sneakers can be a unique choice addition to any simple outfit. As for the evening, adding a silver skirt or a glitter eyeliner can vamp up your outfit for any special occasion.

(Pictures credit to instagram @vivianhoorn @whereiseefashion and Printest.com)


Stay with Gold

If you want something that combines elegance, power and glamour, go with gold pieces. I always gravitate towards gold accessories since they add a sense of extravagance although, can have the versatility to be worn day or night. Also a gold lip or eye is the best way to highlight and natural features.

(Pictures credit to instagram @mvb @whereiseefashion and Printest.com)

Madly pink


Some may think pink is a juvenile color, although the older I get the more obsessed I am with pink. This versatility of this hue is endless. A soft and airy pink adds a fresh and playful take to any outfit, while a bold, bright pink is can make any outfit a modern statement.

(Pictures credit to instagram @maryljean @saniaclausdemina and Printest.com)


Crazy colorful


2020 will bring year-round pastels to the runway so no better way to be on trend than to take some inspiration from these designers. Pale yellow, baby blue, lime green, and creamy pink are colors I’ve been obsessed with styling outfits with recently. Although, if you’re a little more hesitant to dive right in, putting these beautiful colors on your nails is a great starting point.

(Pictures credit to instagram @mignonettetakespictures and Printest.com)


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