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Jules Pouch and I first met when I hurriedly ran over to say goodbye to my roommate before heading to SMUstyle’s brunch at Vagabond. She was tucked into bed with my roommate and her sister, clearly recapping the festivities of the night before.

Once arriving at brunch that Sunday, the SMUstyle team got down to business discussing who to profile for the coming week. When Jules’ name came up, I immediately jumped at the opportunity to interview her. I’d been hearing this pretty lady’s name quite a bit (all in the best ways, of course) and wanted to get the inside scoop.

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Who She Is: Jules Pouch
Year: Freshman
Hometown: Corona del Mar, Newport Beach, CA


When walking into the newly completed Loyd Residential Commons, Taylor, SMUstyle’s resident photographer, and I immediately agreed that this new wonderland more closely resembled Hogwarts than anything the two of us upperclassmen ever saw our freshman year. Jules greeted us barefoot, with a bright smile and tight ballerina bun.

After a quick change into high-wasited boyfriend jeans and a turtle-tank (is that a thing?), we were on our way.

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SMUstyle: Tell us a little bit about how you got to SMU. Was your sister, Delaney Pouch (SMU Class of 2017) a deciding factor?
Jules Pouch: I’d definitely say it was the unity that SMU had to offer. Also, I loved the idea of being so close to a big city like Dallas. Obviously, having my sister here is a plus and makes SMU feel like a home away from home.


SMUstyle: What do you plan on studying?
JP: Right now, engineering, but anything could change. Originally I wanted to study architecture but SMU doesn’t offer that. Eventually, I hope to do something with interior design.
Beauty and brains!

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SMUstyle: What’s the best thing about going to SMU? Or even going to college in general?
JP: Having the freedom to choose when I go out, even if I don’t!
I feel ya girl….


SMUstyle: I am most looking forward to….
JP: Boulevards!


SMUstyle: I describe my style as…
JP: Under-toned, laid back and sleek. I’m a big fan of neutrals— denim and black are my two favorites.

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SMUstyle: Being from California, have you seen your style evolve since moving out to Texas? Have you given in to cowboy boots yet?
JP: Not at all! And as for cowboy boots, I bought probably 4 pairs before I came. I’ve always been a huge fan of cowboy boots, so that wasn’t anything new for me.


SMUstyle: One trend at SMU you just cannot get onboard with?
JP: Chaco sandals.
No one blames you, honey. At least any of us on the SMUstyle team….


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SMUstyle: Lastly, tell our readers what four pieces you couldn’t live without.
JP: A pair of Chucks, cut off jean shorts, turtle-tanks (SMUstyle: again…. still unsure if this is a thing… we’ll just go with it), and my three rings that I wear every day: an infinity symbol, one reading “I Thank God Every Time I Remember You,” and one reading “I Promise to Keep My Word”


As I am a big fan of making opinions for myself, I deem the rumors to be true: this girl is freakin’ amazing!


Photos by Taylor Lewis

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