ONE is the new TWO

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This trend gives the word “SINGLE” a spark, glamour and shine- duh just like all of us single ladies! The charming one earing trend was very much present in the runways (Céline, Isabel Marant and Louis Vuitton) this year creating a perfect statement. Who would’ve thought that wearing one earing – emphasis on ear-ING – would bring so much glam and class to one? Not only is it trendy, but also it is CHIC & BOLD.

Master this look by emphasizing complete and absolute attention on your ear. Put you hair back and go light on makeup. Go to your closet and pick the biggest and shiniest earing you have.



Slide1I’m all about this trend (“All About That Bass” in mind, ha) so I picked my favorite statement earrings. Be sure to buy your earrings with a friend- each can then stay with a single pair and rock the look when going out. Oh and if you buy the complete set for yourself don’t worry about losing a pair- this trend has got you covered!


Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 11.01.30 PMxo,



Welcome to Moschino’s Barbie World

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Not gonna lie, I’m a huge Barbie fan. Always have been, always will be. So when I saw Jeremy Scott used Barbie as his inspiration for Moschino’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection, I became immediately obsessed. Scott perfectly mixed the quirky world of Moschino with the pretty-in-pink world of Barbie, bringing the doll to life. Models were decked out in bubble-gum pink garments, over-sized accessories, and the Moschino label in the Barbie font.

But what really had me jumping out of my seat, is that 20 pieces from the show are now available at Rent The Runway!!! With the click of a button and a much lower price, items from the collection can (temporarily) be yours! Dying yet?? Some dreams really do come true.




SMU Coveteur Takeover

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It might not come as a shock to you that most girls at SMU are decked to the 9′s. What’s behind the secret to every feminine coveteur is the inevitable “killer kloset.” — Sorry Anna Dello Russo but currently, Givenchy is not sending me warehouse samples so I gotta work with what I got. While clearly our inspiration for this shoot was borrowed from The Coveteur (the female personal style bible), we thought it would be fun to give an insiders look through the opulent closets many of our SMU friends flaunt. Since we have not yet seen your closet, feel free to email us if you think you have a boastful bin.

Shannon and I brought our closets together to show you some of our favorite pieces….

IMG_6526 - Version 5



SM: An essential piece of mine I seem to wear traditionally year round is the black bootie. Best paired with either light dresses, cigarette jeans or jumpers for an industrial look.

SL: This may sound boring, but my must-have piece is a basic white tee. They’re dependable and go with literally everything aka why I wear one almost everyday. Keep it casual with jeans or shorts and flats, or dress it up with a fun skirt and heals. I think it’s worth the splurge on a great tee, as well as the perfect pair of black skinny jeans, since they’ll be getting the most wear.



SM: God I love hats. Honestly everyone should learn the magic of hats. 1) It gives me that excuse to go a day longer without washing my hair. 2) You can pretty much throw a hat on with any random boring outfit and you are guaranteed instant chic. I wear straw fedoras and beach hats all summer, and transition to velvet or wool hats for fall and winter.

SL: Love me some leather. Leather jackets are my guilty pleasure. Can’t stop, won’t stop lusting after every one I see…. my mother hates me for this. A fabulous moto leather jacket goes a long way in my world and I am counting down the days when it’s cold enough, so I can rock mine (even though I’ve had a few relapses and had to sweat through the heat). Also leather pants… swoon.


DSC_0625 - Version 2

SM: While it might now be everyones cup of tea, you simply cannot go wrong with a piece of fur. It never goes out of style and is one of those staple pieces in your wardrobe you will never regret the splurge.

SL: Recently, I have been really into clutches. I’m in the works of building my collection; my favorites including two glittery, acrylic box clutches. And the ultimate: my Poppy Lissiman clutch. One of my best friends recently gifted it to me for my 21st and now I can’t get enough of it. Life changing.


xx SKY + SL


Nicky Hilton + 365 Style Meets Dallas

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Last week on your typical Tuesday night, Addison and I got the chance to meet up with Nicky Hilton at Belk of the Galleria Mall to ask her a few questions about her new book 365 Style, along with some sage fashion advice from the famous fashionista–enjoy!


J&A: What was your inspiration for writing a book and how did this specific book come about?

NH: The idea came about a few years ago when I started becoming active on social media like in the Myspace days, and even Facebook, Twitter, people started writing in to me asking me for style advice and what to wear to certain events. I figured I’ve been in the fashion world for a long time, I started modeling in New York at 16, soon after designing handbags, and clothing. This was just sort of the next evolution.

J&A: Where did the inspiration for the title of the book come from?

NH: I’m a big numbers person, and so it sort of dawned on me that I would get dressed in the morning, and I was talking about it with my girlfriends, we’ll go to our closet, and we have all this stuff, but we feel like we have nothing to wear. Every girl can relate to that, so we found if we had three typical activities to dress for, stuck to six staple pieces and five accessories, we’d have a closet full of stuff that we actually wore.

J&A: What was your favorite part of writing the book?

NH: My favorite part was sitting down with friends and family and sort of interviewing them, having them remind me of different fun fashion memories and just being able to relive them.

Nicky x Belk

J&A: What fall trend are you most excited about?

NH: I love the over-the-knee boot thing, all the animal motifs and embroidery on sweaters and handbags, I love that. I’ve seen a lot of capes, I don’t know if I can kind of pull off that trend but it’s interesting. Pastels and the mod resurgence, I love.

J&A: What is always in your bag?

NH: Rosebud lip salve, a blackberry, an iPhone, and candy – swedish fish.

J&A: What items are worth the splurge?

NH: There’s a chapter in the book actually called the Blacklist, it’s the five items every girl should have that are forbidden to ever enter storage. They are: a nice black blazer, a black pump, a black flat, a black pair of denim, and a black dress. So I would definitely recommend spending money on classic things. It seems like people buy so many trendy items and you spend money on them and then they’re not on trend next season and you won’t be caught dead in them. I have some funny stories about falling victim to that in the book.

Nicky x Belk

J&A: What do you recommend for college kids style/money wise?

NH: I think it’s a big misconception that you need to spend all this money to look stylish, I don’t think that’s true at all. Anyone with a credit card can buy an expensive designer dress. To me, style is about putting your own twist on it and making it different and unique and finding your own signature. For example, Anna Wintour, her signature is the bob and the shades. Jackie O always in the over sized shades. These people have their thing, and I don’t think this should be limited to celebrities.

J&A: So what would your signature be?

NH: I think mine would be cats. I always incorporate it somehow into my wardrobe, whether it’s a necklace or a ring or on my shoes. One of the big talking points of the book is encouraging the reader to find their own sense of style and to not copy their favorite celebrity. Have fun with fashion! It’s a form of expression and it’s your chance to tell the world what you’re all about without having to speak. We’re constantly making first impressions even when we don’t realize it, so why not make it a bestseller?


Nicky is clearly a force to be reckoned with and we wouldn’t be surprised if you found her working her Stuart Weitzman over-the-knee boot in a city near you as she continues her book signing–but first stop…a mini break in France as she attends Paris Fashion Week (it’s fine, we plan on hitting the road with her to PFW as well).

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 5.29.47 PM

A BIG thank you to our friends at Nuñez PR Group for all of the pictures and help!

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 5.29.47 PM

Nicky x Belk

-brb running over to the bookstore to pick up a copy of the book and you should too-

xx–jjan & A


Addicted 2 Adeline

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There’s something about boutiques that entrances me. The comfortable atmosphere, the personable shopping experience, and the random pieces you can’t seem to find anywhere else….addicting I tell you. Although they don’t usually cater to the male wardrobe, I find it my responsibility (as both a fashion connoisseur and a friend) to share new fashion finds with my girls. A few weeks ago I found myself in a quaint boutique on Lovers Lane. Adeline. I had heard the name before, but my friend Amelia insisted that I come in to check it out, and I must say it was pretty dope. The walls boasted trendy must-haves, and the racks were filled with eclectic pieces. The jewelry was super cute, and they even had flash tattoos, but the price point blew my mind. Everything is so affordable, and with gas prices still on the rise, who doesn’t want to look good and save money? I knew we had to feature Adeline on the blog, so I talked to the store’s fabulous owner, Graeme, and we set up a date to shoot some of the looks you can find at Adeline for fall. I conned Daniela and Shannon into being my models (wow much photogenic) and the rest was fashion.


danielashanIMG_1831dani2IMG_1696IMG_1719 (2)shannIMG_1731

Adeline also has an online store, where you can shop the store’s looks as well.

Needless to say, they have really cute stuff. Graeme told me that Adeline is for that fashion forward girl who is also a smart shopper. Adeline is home to an eclectic assortment of one of a kind pieces that you aren’t really going to find anywhere else in Dallas. It’s nestled in the shopping center on Lovers Lane before Eatzi’s, so next time you’re in the hood drop by!





On Sundays, We Brunch.

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IMG_1854 (1)

Monday is a b*tch. If you’re sitting in class reading this right now, I’m sorry, and, I feel your pain. In better news, my roommate just reminded me that fall break is near (thank God).
Well the crew went downtown this Sunday, and sat down for brunch at The Joule Hotel’s in-house restaurant, CBD Provisions. Of course we chatted about boulevard experiences, and everybody’s new obsession with Sisu, but more importantly, we brainstormed and assigned the posts for this week (fabulous). The food was absolutely incredible. Although all of my pictures from the meeting are of food (sorry I’m awkward and there were people everywhere), I’m going to give you a first-hand perspective of the team, and their contributions at breakfast.

Addison : First couple weeks on the team, and she’s killin’ it. She’s super in-the-know, and keeps us updated on who is doing what, and where. She’s pretty chill, but has this exciting edge about her that I look forward to finding more about.

Sara: She’s like a creative machine, always coming up with epic posts and improving the ideas we come up with. I love Sara’s style because it is so unique, but a direct embodiment of her personality. Her demeanor is polished, and I have no doubt that she will be America’s favorite first lady someday.

Adriana: It’s awkward bc Adriana has me CRACKING UP throughout our meetings. She boasts excitement, comedy, style, and fun. She always has the best jewelry, and is a vital entity on the team. If the team was a plate of food, Adriana would be that spicy marinade that is full of flavor and completes the meal.

Jessica:  Obsessed. So fashionable, always always always. She’s a hard worker and is already bringing new stuff to the table. Jess is so sweet it’s unreal. She can carry on a convo with anyone and I can tell everyone is so happy to have her ebullient personality on the team.

Daniela: Daniela and I go way back, and I can’t say much has changed (except maybe the IMPECCABLE additions to her resume [you go girl]). She’s graceful and delicate, but also has this crazy-awesome fashion sense that puts her above the rest. Daniela will probably be a nicer, and more Miami-inspired Grace Coddington in the future, so keep your eye on her.

Shannon: Quite possibly the coolest person I know. Shannon is pretty reserved, but when she speaks you know what she’s saying is legit. She isn’t trendy, she sets trends. Giving her the most coveted wardrobe award, because wowowowow, when is she not wearing something that isn’t to-die-for.

Nati: Don’t quote me, but Nati might be the greatest person you will ever meet. She is a DIE HARD Nick Jonas fan, but actually lives for the Man Repeller (remember me when you’re her assistant). She is a fashion genius, and unbelievably hilarious.


Back to the food—so amazing. CBD Provisions’ menu may be modest in the number of items, but the dishes bleed flavorful, savory goodness. The service was amazing, and the atmosphere was inviting. CBD is definitely joining my go-to list for Dallas, and I might or might not be making a reservation for next weakend (cheers)! Although none of us indulged in Sunday morning comfort drinking, my eyes kept darting to the concoctions exiting the bar…..let me just say, next time, I’m starting with the drink menu.


IMG_1861 IMG_1866 IMG_1869 IMG_1874 IMG_1876IMG_1862

Well,  that wraps up the first post of this week, so good luck and God speed through these next 5 days. Thankfully, most hell-weeks should be over, so enjoy some well-deserved rest before the next round of testing. If nothing else, stay fashionable, because the world could always use a little less ugly.





NYFW: Worth Missing Three Days of Class

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I stand firm in my belief that New York is indeed the Greatest City in the World. My latest adventure in the City was by far the best to date: a one day pass into the glitzy, glamorous world of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 5.29.47 PM

Walking into Lincoln Center mid-show-frenzy is similar to how I would imagine it feels to waltz into Anna Wintour’s office in ratty sweats post 1.5 hour hot yoga class: everyone is more beautiful than you, more fashionable than you, and hella intimidating. Thankfully we received a brief tour of the grounds and were escorted to safety in the form of IMG’s mezzanine lounge overlooking the waiting area for the separate showrooms.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 5.27.52 PM

After enjoying some refreshments and casually walking past Ben Stiller in his all black ensemble (90% sure he was shorter than me), we drifted into the Theatre, grazed through our goodie bags courtesy of the designer, and patiently awaited Anna Sui’s spring/summer collection for 2015.

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 1.12.38 AM

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 5.09.32 PM

Anna’s designs were funky fresh and used dark florals to bring new life to the classic spring pattern. The music was loud, the massive pile of cameras at the end of the runway was never silent, and the models looked like they’d been hungry for a few years now. But the energy was insane! Industry people I was unfamiliar with were giving interviews and photo-ops and greeting one another with cheek kisses and heavily lipsticked smiles. I recognized one of my favorite bloggers from across the runway and chased her down for a picture. Kristina Bazan of Kayture was sweet as can be and even more beautiful in person!

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 5.08.42 PM

The finale walked and the designer waved and everyone was suddenly rushing out the door to make the next show. We hustled over to the Salon to catch Erin Fetherston’s creations for the new year. This collection is TO DIE FOR. Feminine as feminine can be and 100% runway to real world wearable (a rarity it seems for NYFW shows). Yellow and gray florals mixed with a fair amount of shimmer were the main themes that blended themselves perfectly to life in the city.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 5.09.40 PM

We exited Lincoln Center just behind Anna Sui herself and I was too starstruck to do anything but widen my eyes and bite my tongue. Hanging around the outside of Lincoln center is a spectacle in itself; Every trend of the last five years was present and being photographed. The atmosphere was enigmatic and addicting. Let’s just say I plan to return as often as I can manage to score an invite.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 5.29.47 PM

Anyone looking to stuff their face post show, check out Boqueria. Best tapas in New York and wine list to match!

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 5.29.47 PM

Thanks for the fun NYC! Until next time,



What To Wear: *ACL Edition*

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With October just around the corner, our favorite 3-day weekend music festival will be here faster than you can say the real slim shady. For those of you who do not have plans from Oct 3-5 (Weekend 1) or from Oct 10-12 (Weekend 2), I would highly recommend getting a ticket to Austin’s infamous music festival, Austin City Limits. With an incredible line-up (Natalia’s Lineup Guide!), 500000 to die for food trucks (literally your stomach will thank you), a 351 acre park that overlooks Downtown Austin and an on-site Art Market (Click Me!), there’s no place better than ACL to whip out your summer clothing for the last time and enjoy the festival experience before fall kicks in.

For those of you who already have your ticket like me, picking and choosing what to bring is always the hardest part.         *If someone invents a closet teleporting machine, please feel free to let me know ASAP.* I tend to just sit in my closet the day before the road trip and pray and hope that clothes will just fly into my bag(s). That rarely ends up happening though… but no worries– I have compiled a list of what I think are the “must-brings” for this year’s ACL.


So let’s start with Friday– you’re either already in Austin because you are the lucky few who don’t have classes on Friday or you just left the city you are coming from right before traffic hits. Whatever the case may be, you’re hitting the first day of ACL with a comfy yet free spirited outfit because TGIF.




acl friday

It’s now Saturday and you are feeling fun and fabulous, and can’t wait to frolic at Zilker Park. So what do you wear? A bell-sleeved black dress that can also transition into a night time outfit for when you hit Downtown Austin.





It’s your last day in Austin but you’re going out with a bang. Grab your favorite romper and dance to the ultimate Phantogram and Calvin Harris songs before you head back home.



Hope everyone is just as excited as I am!



Our TOP Beauty Products

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Dior Addict Lip Maximizer High Volume Lip Plumper // SK – II Facial Treatment Mask


Bobbi Brown BB Cream SPF 15 // Tarte “Hope” Matte Lip Tint


Chanel Perfection Lumière // Laura Mercier Radiance Baked Bronzer


NARS Funny Face Lipstick // Kérastase Initialiste


Kate Somerville Clearing Mask // Giorgio Armani “Eyes to Kill” Mascara


Kérastase Elixir Ultime Oléo Complex //  Flourish Lavender Mint Sugar Body Polish


eos Chapstick // MOROCCANOIL Treatment


Number 4 Hair Care // Buxom Lash Mascara

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 11.01.30 PMxo,



Austin City Limits: LINEUP GUIDE

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Austin City Limits music festival is one of the major festivals that takes place during music fest season. Besides its prime location of Austin, Texas, ACL is known for its eclectic variety of artists, food trucks, and overall experience it promotes. Most SMU students travel to Austin for the festival because it lands during our fall break; furthermore, if you haven’t made any fall break plans, YOU CAN’T GO WRONG WITH ACL! Tickets are reasonably priced and the artists that are playing are INCREDIBLE. Seriously though, if you are curious as to what you are missing out on or what ACL has to offer, just take a look and see (and listen) ;) .


Who: Eminem

Where: Samsung Galaxy Stage

When: Saturday Oct. 4th @ 8:30-10:30 PM // Saturday Oct. 11th @ 8:30-10:30 PM



Who: Outkast

Where: Honda Stage

When: Friday Oct. 3rd @ 8:15-10:00 PM // Friday Oct. 10th @ 8:15-10:00 PM



Who: Skrillex

Where: Honda Stage

When: Saturday Oct. 5th @ 8:30-9:45 PM // Saturday Oct. 11th @ 8:30-9:45 PM



Who: Lana Del Rey

Where: Samsung Galaxy Stage

When: Saturday Oct. 4th @ 6:30- 7:30 PM // Saturday Oct. 11th @ 6:30-7:30 PM



Who: Foster the People

Where: Samsung Galaxy Stage

When: Friday Oct. 3rd @ 6:15-7:15 PM // Friday Oct. 10th @ 6:15-7:15 PM



Who: Spoon

Where: Honda Stage

When: Sunday Oct. 5th @ 6:00-7:00 PM // Sunday Oct. 12th @ 6:00-7:00 PM



Who: Childish Gambino

Where: Honda Stage

When: Friday Oct. 3rd @ 6:15-7:15 PM // Friday Oct. 10th @ 6:15-7:15 PM



Who: Sam Smith

Where: Miller Lite Stage

When: Friday Oct. 3rd @ 5:15-6:15 PM // Friday Oct. 10th @ 5:15-6:15 PM



Who: Mac Demarco

Where: RetailMeNot Stage

When: Saturday Oct. 4th @ 1:30-2:30 PM // Saturday Oct. 11th @ 1:30-2:30 PM



Who: Bleachers

Where: Miller Lite Stage

When: Friday Oct. 3rd @ 3:15-4:15 PM // Friday Oct. 10th @ 3:15-4:15 PM



Who: The Head and the Heart

Where: Samsung Galaxy Stage

When: Saturday Oct. 4th @ 4:30-5:30 PM // Saturday Oct. 11th @ 4:30-5:30 PM



Who: The Districts

Where: Samsung Galaxy Stage

When: Sunday Oct. 5th @ 12:15- 1:00 PM // Sunday Oct. 12th @ 12:15-1:00 PM


For more  information on tickets, artists, and times check out

xx, n_bru